Choose the bed: types, sizes, and bases for rest

Choosing the bed in your bedroom is a decision of both health and aesthetics. 

Buy the right bed:

Choose the size, type of bed base, mattress, and headboard with healthy and aesthetic criteria at the same time.

Choose the bed according to the person who will use it

To select the bed, the first thing is to understand who will sleep on it. And you will find many options depending on the person or people who will use them: 

  • Double bed, for a couple.
  • Double for one person.
  • Thick person, needs a sturdy bed.
  • The very tall will need special measures.
  • Young people, who admit high beds and bunk beds.
  • Someone older needs a bed neither too high nor too low, even ergonomic or mechanized.
  • Round bed: several sizes will bring a sensual point to your bedroom.

Measure the bedroom to find out what bed size you can place

Adapt to the measurements of the room taking into account that the bed is the main element. Measure and make an outline of the bedroom and calculate what is the maximum measure you can place. Based on that choose:

  1. For smaller rooms: Opt for the most basic bed, a box spring, canape or chest, the mattress and, based on this, the optional headboard that takes up little space and that you can place later
  2. For large rooms: You can think of a bed with a headboard and footboard. In the most spacious you could choose a four-poster bed, very colorful and decorative (although they have a higher price)

Standard bed sizes 

The beds are divided into several sizes, in general. Although relying on the country, there may be variations in the measurements, the standards are:

  • Individual: 90×200 centimeters
  • Double: 135-140×200 centimeters 
  • Large: 150-160×200 centimeters
  • Extra: 200×200 centimeters

In the United States, these are the dimensions in inches:

  • Single bed: 39 “W x 80” L
  • Double bed: 54 ”W x 80” L
  • Queen bed: 60 “W x 80” L
  • Oriental king bed: 78 ”W x 80” L
  • California king bed: 72 ”W x 82” L

The usual height of the bed with respect to the floor is 30 to 40 centimeters. Smaller heights are not suitable for people who have difficulty joining. For the elderly or with difficulties, the ideal height would be 50 centimeters.

For the maximum total height, you must have the measure of the mattress.

To consider when choosing the size of the bed

  • Its size should be proportional to the bedroom and it must be located so that you have enough space to get up and lie down comfortably.
  • To find out which one suits you, try different widths: you should be able to turn around it comfortably. This also applies to beds shared by a couple.
  • Your head and your feet should stay inside the bed when you stretch completely.

The bed base, which one to buy?

There are several types of box spring:

  • Metallic
  • Wooden slats
  • Wooden in one piece
  • Upholstered wood
  • Canapé or chest

The mattress, indispensable complement

At the time you choose the bed you must choose the mattress. Here a good choice is also very important and looks for the best mattress to rest and recharge batteries.

Depending on our tastes and, in addition, bound by medical advice in some cases, choose to be more or less soft as you rest better. Do not hesitate to demand a warranty.

Auxiliary furniture: bedside tables, dressers, and cupboards

Many people sleep in small bedrooms and furniture that does not saturate the room is convenient.

The bedroom should have an atmosphere of calm and tranquility so you can sleep well. Based on this, choose bedside tables that are proportional to the bed and space you have. In some cases, you will have to do without them.

If your bedroom is large, take advantage of the space but without saturating it. The wardrobe closet, storage of drawers, and tables will clothe your space.

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