How to serve food correctly.

At a dinner or formal meal, it is important to take care of the forms and serve your diners correctly. In this post, I will show you the correct way to serve the food. If you take into account the following tips, you will surely stay with your guests.

Steps to follow:


When you invite someone at home, at the time of serving, it will be you as the host or hostess, who will serve from your stand to the other guests, keeping the utensils on the table so that the guests see the food.


It is not polite to insist on offering more food than the guest asks. Nowadays (and to facilitate the time of serving), it is usual for food to be presented, that is, from the kitchen, the rations destined for each diner are prepared. In this case, the dishes will be served on the right.


When serving any drink, it is served on the right, taking care not to splash the drink on the tablecloth.


The order to follow to serve the guests is first to the older and younger ladies and then to the men, with the same rule. In the end, the hosts will be served. In case there is any guest of honor, you should always be the first to be served.


If we enter the field of family meals, the order established by family custom will be followed; It is usual to start with the head of the family and continue from higher to lesser age.


When serving, it does not dig or stir in the contents of the source, but rather the piece or chunk that touches us is served.


Nor is it polite to serve to overflow the plate or abuse the ration if we see that there are still many diners to serve. It is better to wait for subsequent repetitions.

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