The types of fabrics and their uses 

We continue to discover other types of fabrics that exist in the market in order to select the most suitable for our designs, and we can choose the best styles for our customers. In short, if you dedicate yourself to the fashion world, knowing the types of fabrics and their uses is of vital importance.

We start by talking about a French-born fabric called Batista, which is fine and can be made of cotton or linen. It is used for dresses, shirts or scarves.


The fabric of Scottish origin. Created based on the wool of excellent resistance and voluminous. It is usually used for winter clothes such as jackets or skirts.

Trench coat: 

Cotton or worsted fabric. Its properties are resistance, density, and durability. When used, it creates shine and is difficult to iron. It is chosen to create dresses, pants, coats, and raincoats.


Natural fabric from the flax plant. Among its properties are durability and perspiration. It is used for summer clothes and household clothes.


Soft fabric with a satin surface. It is used to create jackets, skirts, dresses, or suits.


Silk, cotton, or polyester fabric. It is characterized by its fall, its thickness, and its brightness. Wrinkled appearance. It is used for evening suits.


Fabric created based on silk, cotton, or linen threads in braided form, in meshes or openwork. It is worn on dresses, shirts, or underwear.


Cotton-based fabric or mixed with polyester. Its name comes from the English city where this fabric began to be manufactured in order to create the Oxford shirt characterized by its buttons on the necks. In addition, this fabric is used for sportswear, skirts, or jackets.


Cotton, silk, or artificial fabric. It can be thin or thick, shiny, or matte and is used in vaporous skirts, tutus, or veils.

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