10 tips to choose a perfume

The proliferation of fragrance and perfume television ads is an unequivocal sign that Christmas is just around the corner. But even if it is one of the most traditional gifts, getting perfume in line with the personality and style of the person we want to give it to is a hard task, and as in that, we can not help you, yes we want to at least give you the ten essential keys that you should keep in mind when going to try and buy a fragrance, either for you or as a gift.

  1. Do not wear perfume. It seems apparent, but many times we forget it and go to the perfumery wearing our usual fragrance, which will inevitably interfere when trying others.
  2. Our nose has its limits, and we will only be able to distinguish six perfumes in the same session. As long as they are very different from each other. If they are the same type (floral, fruit, woody) our limit will be three.
  3. Although what you are looking for is a perfume, at the time of trying it. It is better to do it with the lighter versions or waters of cologne, which will give you a more approximate idea of ​​how the smell will be when it takes a few hours on your skin.
  4. Make good use of the strips of paper or cardboard that you put at your disposal in the perfumeries, and apply the fragrance there first and check that you like it before using it on your skin.
  5. When applying it on your skin, do not forget that less is more and that two or three drops on the inside of the wrist will suffice. Let it evaporate slightly before sniffing it.
  6. Never rub the area where you have applied it since friction alters the perfume molecules and causes the smell to varying.
  7. Do not worry if you notice that you have a sopping nose since most perfumeries make small containers with coffee beans available to their customers. Sniffing them will help you recover before moving on to the next perfume.
  8. It is important that the following fragrance is applied as far as possible from the first, to avoid interference between them.
  9. Do not buy a perfume just because you like how it smells in a friend or known person since the essence varies depending on the personal chemistry of each.
  10. Both the day you go to try perfumes and the previous one avoids overly spicy or spicy foods, as they have an effect on skin perspiration.

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