11 key tips to choose your wedding dress

How are you doing with your wedding plans? One of the most exciting moments is the choice of the wedding dress because you will surely want to look amazing on your wedding day. The wedding dress is one of the main elements at weddings, and that you surely love to see, is your opportunity to make a style statement and pamper yourself with a piece that you choose very carefully.
Surely we have all seen those programs where the brides are going to choose their wedding dress, they fall in love with one and between tears they choose the one, it seems very simple, but it is not always the case, so we want to share these simple tips to know how to choose your wedding dress.

Define the style of your wedding

Before choosing the wedding dress, you must be clear about some aspects of your wedding such as where it will take place, whether it will be outdoors or in an enclosed space, day or night, the season of the year, the wedding style, how formal or casual it is, etc. All these influences to choose a dress that goes according to the style of your wedding.

2. Set a budget

Let’s be honest, we’d all love to have an unlimited budget to choose our wedding dress, but it’s not always the case; do not worry! It is important that you establish how much you want and can invest in your wedding dress. On many occasions, it happens that you fall in love with a dress outside your budget and you have to decide between letting go or sacrificing something else. So keep in mind how much you want to pay and on that number try on dresses.

3. The perfect moment

Don’t leave it last! They say that the indicated time to look for a wedding dress is between 6 to 9 months because it gives you the opportunity to try on dresses calmly, think about your decision and that it arrives, to begin with, the alterations. You don’t want to be pressured so that it doesn’t look good before your big day.

4. Choose who will accompany you

You might want to choose your wedding dress with your mom, sisters, cousins, friends or even alone. Consider that the people who accompany you should help you, and not confuse you anymore, look for people who know you and have a positive attitude. If you usually feel pressured when listening to many opinions go only with 1 or 2 people and since you have decided you can invite someone else to a test. At all times remember that it is you who should love it.

5. Know the shape of your body

It’s your wedding, and you may wear whatever you want! But to be more comfortable, choose a wedding dress that highlights what you like best about your body and not one that hides what you don’t like. You will see that by highlighting the most beautiful you will feel very comfortable and safe. Anyway, we share some tips on which dress cut is ideal for each type of body.

Triangular figure:

Look for dresses with ovo neckline with cute details at the top.

Apple-shaped figure:

Choose an empire waist dress.

Rectangular figure: You can opt for a wide-fitting dress.


A mermaid cut or dresses that highlight your waist are ideal.

Inverted triangle:

Look for a dress in A-cut, tight on the part of the torso, and open at the waist.

Petite bride: Look for a line A dress or a straight dress that follows the shape of your body.

6. Find a dress make you happy

One mistake you can make is to choose a wedding dress that you do not love to please someone else, it may be that in the test the dress loved your mom or you think your boyfriend will like it, but you do not feel happy. Find one that you love! That is the best tip to look amazing.

7. Try on several styles

You may already have an idea of how you would like your wedding dress, this helps a lot in stores to show you dresses, however, do not miss out on trying out several styles! Many brides happen to be looking for a style and get something completely different. So take advantage of the opportunity and try on all the dresses you need, you can go observing what you like about each one and thus define.

8. Look for something comfortable

Sometimes there are very nice wedding dresses, but they are not comfortable for you. Think that you will take it for many hours, it may be that you spend it dancing and do not feel comfortable, that you can not sit or that after 2 hours you already want to take it off; That’s why to look for one that suits your wedding.

9. Always reflect your personality

Your wedding dress is a statement of style and your opportunity to invest in a unique piece for you. It’s not about using a certain style, fabric, and even color, “because that’s what you should do at a wedding,” on the contrary, your dress should reflect your personality completely and not make you feel that you are in disguise.

10. Think of a complete look

When you are in the choice of the dress, think about how you want your full bridal look to look, from the dress to accessories, headdresses, hairstyle, and makeup, everything should go in harmony according to your tastes.

11. Search in unexpected places

If you are planning an alternative wedding, it may not be so easy for you to find your dress in traditional bridal shops, dare to look in different places! You can find in vintage stores, with some designers outside your city, on internet pages, department stores, and even pre-owned dresses.

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