4 Tips to buy the best denim jacket and how to use it correctly

Gentlemen, denim or dungaree, is not an exclusive material for pants. Today we see several garments made with this material or similar, which give a rough, scruffy look and, why not say, quite attractive.

One of the garments that can not be missing in your closet is, without a doubt, a good denim jacket, and today we will teach you to choose the best one for your style and body.

But why should you have one? These types of garments are very durable, their material provides decent protection for the stoke, it does not wrinkle, you can give it rough use and it will last a long time. It is light, you can use it during spring and autumn, create a masculine silhouette and it looks good when used in layers, something else? Now, knowing the reasons, let’s start:

1. How to choose a good denim jacket?

If you want to add a denim jacket to your closet, choosing it comes down to thinking about two major qualities: fit and color.

Adjustment. As with all garments, the fit is essential in the garment, because you don’t want the jacket to be too baggy or too tight. A well-fitting jacket should exhibit the following qualities:

1. You can put it on the last layer with which you plan to use it, for example, on a sweater.

2. It can be buttoned without tightening or pulling when worn on a shirt (denim jackets are not commonly buttoned, but it depends on the look, of course, you can do it. If you do, leave at least two of the top buttons and bottom without buttoning).

3. The fabric falls in straight planes.

4. The bottom hem should reach around the hips; The denim jacket is shorter and the bottom hem must not extend far beyond the beltline. However, the jacket should also not be too short; above the waist already falls in the style of female jacket, the famous “bullfighters.”

5. The ends of the sleeves reach slightly beyond the curves of the wrists but do not extend beyond the folds of the thumbs.

You can cross and swing your arms comfortably without being discovered. If you feel that the fabric is too tight, look for a jacket with some added elastic material.


While denim jackets are accessible in a variety of colors these days, blue is the most classic and versatile. Of course, remember that jean jackets are an informal garment. But a dark blue one is slightly more elegant than washed out or lighter colored. A medium wash could be your best choice: it is versatile, classic, and soft in appearance.

2. How to wear a denim jacket?

Denim jackets are not as versatile as sports bags. Unlike the latter, they cannot be dressed to meet the requirements of almost all dress codes. However, there are some who wear the denim jacket over a dress shirt and tie, but this look only goes well in a relaxed work environment, we do not recommend it for use in an office.

In itself, denim jackets are very versatile, they combine with most of the garments that reside in the informal category of your wardrobe, and we will tell you how to combine them below.

3. What pants can I wear it with?

The most important rule about denim jackets is that you should not wear them on more denim, that is, never on a denim shirt and with denim pants, because everything would be very redundant.

But this rule can be modified a little, as long as the jacket and jeans have contrast to each other, that is, wear a dark jacket with lighter pants or vice versa. You can also wear pants that are not blue; black or gray can look good with a cowgirl.

As for denim shirts, I have seen people who combine them, and they look good. But if you are not sure of your appearance when combining these garments, you better not move it. Below, we will present common and safe guidelines on how to dress your bottom half while wearing the denim jacket, with options ranked from least to most ideal:

It is not recommended to use them with dress pants that match the color of your jacket.

You can use them with colored jeans that contrast with the jacket and joggers.

As for your footwear, think about casual canvas shoes, leather, suede, leather boots, chukkas, etc.

4. What shirts can I wear it with?

Choosing what you are going to put under it is simple, a single layer is enough. While additional layers may be interesting, it is not recommended to add a lot of volume underneath, especially if you use it in hot climates. A thin layer will allow the jacket to fall comfortably and without restrictions.

Next, we will break down your options, from what is recommended to what cannot be used:

It is not recommended to wear them with Buttoned dress shirts (too formal), training shirts (too casual), chambray button-down shirt (although the chambray is technically a different fabric from the denim, they seem too much to wear these two garments together).

You can use them with: Fine and very casual sweaters, polo shirts, buttoned shirts, but not dressed, like plaid or with pattern prints.

We recommend T-shirts of all kinds, but the plain white t-shirt is an especially classic option, long or short sleeve henleys, hoodies, flannel shirts, or plaid shirts.

In conclusion, denim jackets will be a great addition to your casual wardrobe. The secret is to choose the best one and now you can do it with the tips we have given you. So don’t wait any longer and look for the best one for you.

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