Bags and wallets: the ideal complement to a good outfit

They are two of the most beloved accessories for women. They carry a wallet, keys, glasses, telephone, and more, but its charm exceeds its functionality. What is used, how to choose it, and how to carry it.

Wallets and bags are essential accessories for women’s clothing. Not only because of its usefulness to load and carry a wallet, cosmetics, keys, and other personal items but because, well combined, they are the ideal complement to a good outfit.

According to fashion experts, the wallets are, together with the shoes, the fetish objects of the flirtatious woman. They have the goodness of adding a personal touch and can add color and wave to a day of formal dress.

In this season, trends accept colors, sizes, and styles of varied varieties. To look in tune with what the catwalks send this winter, we don’t have to become rigid. Anything goes. That is why it is key to know which is the wallet or bag that best suits your style.

Tips for choosing the right portfolio

Whether by style or by color, the portfolio we choose says many of us. It counts if we are doing simplicity or if, on the contrary, we go through life with everything in tow. Whatever your preference, this season there are many variants to choose from. But it is important to know that there are some tips to follow and choose the ideal one for your body:

  • If you are a small structure, huge wallets or maxi bags are not recommended. They are disproportionate and can play against you when it comes to wearing your clothes.
  • If you are tall or large in structure, small bags end up losing.
  • The handbags are perfect to get it right. They do not take up space and are super comfortable.
  • Medium sizes go best with all figures and are the most functional. They adapt to all times of the day and have good interior capacity.
  • The forms must be complemented with those of your body. If your texture is rounded, a simple wallet that does not add volume is ideal. And if, on the contrary, you are more straight, the best are the wallets with rounded shapes.
  • If your bust is large, escape from the purses on your shoulder.

The most trendy wallets and bags of the season

  • Animate the color:

The autumn-winter season came full of colors in 2018, making wallets and bags an ideal complement to highlight your outfit. Of course: keep in mind that bright colors are great when we dress in a monochromatic way and with classic tones. If you already have a set loaded, opt for black, brown, or white, so they do not compete for the prominence with your clothes.

  • Combine as you like:

Remember that wallets no longer need to be combined with your footwear, as was the case before. So do not be afraid to choose a different color, as long as it is consistent with the look you are wearing.

  • Fringed bags:

They have been devastating for several seasons and 2017 is no exception. This year the ones that are designed with ethnic airs are used strong. They look great with boho chic and hippie-chic looks.

  • Shoulder bags: 

This model is super practical and lightweight and became another must of the year. They are ideal to go out at night and to travel and have become an inevitable complement to the street style of Europe.

  • Timeless wallets:

Classic wallets always go well and never go out of style. It is best to choose one that has a smooth tone and that combines with everything.

  • Shopper bags :

They are ideal for those women who need to carry everything on top because they are an “SUV”. These fashion bags are perfect for every day and look great for the office look. One tip: I chose one in minimal lines and in plain tones, it will be easier to combine with many clothes and looks.

  • Backpacks type:

Although they have already been seen in other seasons, they are still stomping. It is a trend that is booming in Europe and will continue in the coming summer.

  • Bowling bags:

If you are looking for something elegant and chic, this model is the one. They are perfect to go to work, since they have a medium size, are very comfortable and timeless and give a sophisticated touch. They look great in a neutral color like sand, beige or broken white.

  • Mini bag:

This fashion wallet is the must-have that you can’t miss. They are mini wallets of small and compact size. There are designs and colors for all tastes. The ones that are designed in blue or red wine materials are beautiful.

  • Vintage style bags:

They are a trend since they give a lot to play with the costumes. If you are going to buy one, it is best to choose a model with elegant lines and a coconut leather or animal print finish.

  • Bags with ornate handles:

They are super baskets and serve to innovate and surprise all the time. They are those that carry the handles adorned with sequins, flowers, studs, 3D appliques, etc. Many of these models have interchangeable handles, which means we have several bags in one.

  • Handbags:

They are a classic. They are those that do not go around the shoulder and give an elegant touch to any look. You can carry in your hand or hung on your forearm. Those that are shaped like a trunk or portfolio type are very common, and they also look great for business women looking for an office look.

  • Wallet envelopes: 

No woman can stop having an envelope in her closet. They are always paly an important role in fashion and gives a super chic touch to all outfits. Elegant and sophisticated, they are inevitable to go to a party or cocktail. In a gala event, the best thing is to opt for a clutch.

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