Basic points to know how to choose the perfect sofa for our living room

Without a doubt, the sofa is the centerpiece of the living room. Therefore, it should combine functionality and aesthetics, as well as being merely comfortable. How to find a suitable sofa that meets all your needs? You could start the search by asking yourself a couple of questions. Keep going! 

1. Shape

Today, the market offers us different types of sofas: classic, corner, modular. Before deciding on a specific model, we must look at the distribution and measurements of the room in which we will place the furniture. The sofa does not always have to be placed against a wall. We can use it as a separator of functional areas. For example, to separate the kitchen or dining room from the rest area. Another feature that is essential to consider is the distribution of the windows or the location of the TV. The classic sofa is easier to move and adapts well to several spaces, so it will be the ideal option if you like to redecorate or make modifications in your living room frequently. In this case, you could also opt for a modular sofa whose modules allow you to play with different configurations.

2. Size

In general, the size of the furniture must be adapted to the spatial particularities, to the shape and measures of the room, but there is more. Keep in mind what the main function of the sofa will be: will it be the only piece of furniture destined for rest or do you want to place some armchairs? Remember that each family member needs their space to relax. Another fundamental question: will you also use your sofa to sleep? And how often? If you love receiving guests, maybe you should think of a larger, multi-seat piece of furniture, a sofa where a friend can sleep comfortably.

3. Coating: material and color

When choosing the upholstery of the sofa, it is worth opting for a fabric of greater weight: it will be more resistant to wear and will allow you to remove the hair of the animals with less effort. If there are children at home, you can bet on a sofa with removable covers, or also a natural or synthetic leather sofa whose biggest advantage is its easy cleaning. However, leather is not so suitable for upholstering sofa beds, since the fabric breathes better. And as for the color, this one, of course, has to combine well with the style and decoration of the space. But, the most popular and universal are moderate and natural tones: gray, beige, or earth colors. However, sometimes it is worth daring to try more striking combinations and place a sofa of strong color, such as red, to make it stand out.

4. Structure or framework

The living room sofa has to endure a lot: parties, family gatherings, children’s games, console video games, long lazy hours in front of the TV, etc. So, it is better than sofas to have a solid structure and high durability. The most resistant structures are those of metal or solid wood (fir or beech). Beware of wood chipboard frames that are popular for economic reasons. But the material is not particularly suitable for this purpose.

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