Black or colored party dress, when to choose each one?

Are you invited to a wedding and still don’t know how to dress for that occasion? Well, surely this article will clarify the picture. We tell you what aspects to consider in order to choose the best alternative.

When they invite us to a wedding, one of the biggest concerns goes through the dress, since all the guests want to look splendid. Many women quickly choose the color of their dresses, but for others, it costs a little more, since the dress code, the time of the wedding day, the season, and of course, your personal taste must be taken into account.

In this article we will describe dozens of styles of dresses, in long and short, simple and more glamorous, that is, for all types of guests. But more importantly, it will be deciding what color you will use. Read carefully, you will surely clear your doubts.

Take into account the season 

Something that seems obvious is not so much. Of course, if the wedding will be in winter, you know that you will prefer a dress with long sleeves, although that is not all that you have to consider.

If the temperatures will be low during the ceremony, it is preferable that in addition to choosing dresses with sleeves, whether they are long or three quarters, you choose warm fabrics. As for the color, dark ranges are preferable. It may be the classic black, which is always a success, or green, violet or red colors. If you prefer a print, I followed the same logic.

If on the contrary, the wedding will be in summer, your possibilities should be oriented to wear pastel colors, such as peaches or pale roses, and patterns in bright colors.

Time of day when will the wedding be

Another factor to consider: the marriage schedule. For midday outdoor weddings, and especially if they will be in summer, the ideal dresses are short and in vibrant colors. You can use any range of colors, from a classic Bordeaux or blue France to a bold yellow or lilac. The important thing is that it is a bright color. A black, for parties at noon, will look dull.

For evening weddings, black stands as the best option, since its sobriety makes a difference.

According to the dress code

Many couples choose to clarify on their wedding cards what the dress code will be to maintain a certain balance between the guests, or because many times certain places deserve it, or even demand it.

Based on that, you should also determine your dress. If the dress code requires a formal style, one way to never err is to wear a stunning long black dress, at the neckline and cut you prefer. If the code is not clarified, or it is informal, you can choose from many colors, without fear of not getting it right with your choice. Of course, taking into account everything we pointed out above.

Is the party formal or informal?

You should also consider if the wedding has a much more relaxed style and is only a small ceremony between friends and family, or if it is a glamorous wedding in the lounge of a prestigious hotel. Although it may not seem like it, it is quite decisive. In formal parties, your dress should look sober and very elegant, so it is preferable that the color of your dress is also: you can use blue, green, red, black or blue, and it is preferable to be a monochrome style.

If the wedding is informal, surely even the bride and groom will wear a relaxed style, so you can let your imagination fly, wearing beautiful colorful dresses, combining two to three colors or presenting a cheerful pattern.

Other factors to consider

Finally, to choose your dress, you must take into account other aspects, such as the color of your hair, the tone of your skin, or what accessories you plan to use.

If your hair is black or dark brown, you can play with almost all colors. If you are blonde, look for bright and warm colors, such as yellow, orange, cream, brown, or white. For red hair, shades like green, ivory, camel, or purple look better.

In the case of skin color, for lighter skins, look for shades such as reds or neutral greens, while tanned skins combine very well with vibrant colors.

Do you already have a clearer idea about the color of your dress? Great! Following the advice in this article, it is practically impossible that you have not decided which color will be most suitable for the upcoming wedding. Now you can start thinking about your hairstyle and accessories. You will be the perfect guest!

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