Bride Wedding Makeup of Subcontinent

The subcontinent is traditionally rich and diverse. It is a land where many civilizations arrived and merged with the prevailing culture, so it is difficult to separate one tradition from another. However, these traditions are unique with the subcontinent and are easily recognizable. The wedding tradition is as special as other traditions and is a typical type of traditional subcontinent bridal makeup to complement the conventional dress and wedding ceremony.

The subcontinent bridal makeup starts with the face as any bridal makeup. It is limited only by the bride or makeup artist’s imagination, how they want to do facial makeup. The wedding day is the most memorable day of the girl’s life, and she wants to look more impressive than any other girl present on that occasion. Even though he knows that he will be the center of attention, but the competition on marriage is very tough because every girl wants to show the ‘best’ on this formal occasion.

Wedding makeup pattern

The subcontinent bridal makeup pattern depends on the neckline of the dress. The color, embroidery, and style of the neckline matter a lot when it comes to deciding what pattern the makeup should be. The lower neckline will vary for makeup, and the hair should be donated so that the neckline and shoulders are shown. Makeup should complement the dress, and it should not be too vibrant when the dress is simple.
Wedding dress
Subcontinent makeup is made special on the hands and sometimes on the wrists, even the feet. It is complemented by bangles and a large necklace. Saree is an everyday dress for Indian women, but brides on their marriages also use costly saree versions.

The basics

The subcontinent wedding makeup begins with wearing a foundation on the skin. Most brides do not trust themselves or their friends for this special occasion, and they go to makeup parlors or hire makeup artists. Mascara, blush, lipstick should be applied according to a special event and in a particular way. Makeup must match the bridal dresses on the wedding day. One-day marriages will be less formal than night marriages, so makeup should look more natural and less decorative. In contrast, night marriages are very traditional, and the bride is considered a more sophisticated form. If the light is strong, makeup needs to look soft, while intense makeup is preferred over dull light.

Different religious traditions

The subcontinent wedding makeup traditions vary according to culture or religion. While both Muslims and Hindus represent Asia-oriented cultures, Christians belong to Europe’s cultural traditions, so their makeup tradition matches their European peers more than their countrymen. Muslim women wear salwar kamis, and Hindu women wear ghagra cholis and saris at weddings, but in relation to the makeup tone, the design of the jewelry, red or pink, or other vibrant colors of their clothes and embroidery on those dresses, they are similar. However, mostly the subcontinent’s Christian women prefer a simple and cultured white gown designed for marriage with a white veil.

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