How to choose the best carpet

When we need a carpet at home, especially for the living room, the task of finding the right one can be endless. The varied offer that we can find in the market is a barrier that is not always easy to overcome. Choosing the best carpet is an art, and today we will discover its keys.

Knowing how to differentiate, in the first place, what our real needs are is fundamental. Before we even glance at what stores offer us, we must go with a series of clear concepts in mind.

Defining the role that the carpet will play is the first step. With this, we will be clear if the carpet we need will be short or long, patterned, or smooth. The second step will be the correct choice of size. And with all this, in addition, we must make it fit with the decorative style of the room.

Carpet function

We must ask ourselves what function we are going to give to the carpet. If what we have is a room with a fairly flat decoration, the carpet will give us that element of texture that is missing.

For this, we need a type of carpet of long hair, curly hair, or imitations of animal hair, such as sheep. Any carpet that is fluffy and dense to us.

Another possibility is that we have the furniture in the living room upholstered in plain tones and that the walls are painted in a uniform color.

In this case, the room should be viewed almost like a blank canvas, and the carpet is the element that will allow us to incorporate some kind of graphic pattern into the room.

If the living room is open and wide, and there are differentiated areas within the same space, the carpets are the ones that definitely help to delimit the spaces by their different uses.

If we have a living area that contains sofas and seats, it is the one that we must frame with the carpet to differentiate it from the rest of the uses of the same room.

Carpet size

Once we have defined the function of the carpet that we are going to acquire, the next step is to calculate its size. In the case of carpets that will delimit the space of particular use in a large room, the carpet must have a considerable size.

If the user that is going to be given is to limit the seating area, it should be known that the carpet must cover the entire area in its entirety, or at least, that the front legs of sofas and armchairs are within the perimeter of the same. Otherwise, the result will be insufficient, and the carpet will not fulfill its function of delimiting spaces.

The best thing in these cases is to draw a plan of the room to scale and play with the custom drawing of the carpet. Sometimes a few centimeters or so does not make an important difference, but it is better to make sure.

Choose the best rug for the room style

The decorative style chosen for the living room will mark a very important point, also in the choice of the type of carpet. Round rugs are one of our favorites, but we must know that a contemporary decoration style does not support a round carpet.

These types of details are those that extol or ruin the final effect of decoration work. If the furniture is of soft shapes, the ideal is a rectangular rug with soft motifs, including animal prints that will give the touch of contrast to the already existing softness.

For defined interior design styles, it is appropriate to follow each other’s guidelines. If we talk about a living room decorated in shabby chic style, the carpets should follow the decoration schemes. In styles such as art deco or Hollywood regency, we have clear guidelines to follow when choosing the best carpet for our living room.

The opportunity to add what is missing by choosing the best carpet

The immense variety of shapes, patterns, and colors that carpets offer us today make them the ideal element to add to the room that is missing.

We can be bold in your choice because being located on the floor and partially covered by furniture, they offer us a subtle image. The carpets mark the accent of a room, but also our personality.

Whatever its function, its size, or its style, we must not forget that the decoration of the floor of a room should be treated like the rest of the room.

Carpets are one of the pillars of interior design — nothing more sad and bleak than an empty floor. The floors in the living rooms are the ideal place to impregnate the art and contrast room.

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