How to choose the costumes for your bridesmaids?

The bridesmaids of the bride fulfill a very special function within the wedding. They are the closest people, and with whom there is a special bond. And as such, they should be dressed in tone. What to consider for your dress code?

As in any marriage, the dress is one of the main concerns. If you are the bride, in addition to thinking about your dress, you will have to solve what kind of dress code your bridesmaids will wear. There are a number of tips and rules that can help you, along with them, choose looks that highlight their importance at the wedding, but that is also everyone’s taste.

What role do bridesmaids play?

While it is an essentially American tradition, many brides have already begun to implement it in their marriages. And who would not want a group of friends by his side on the most important day of his life!

These are the women from the closest environment of the bride, usually represented by friends, sisters, or cousins. Basically, they take care of assisting the bride in everything she needs before and during the wedding. They may be the ones organizing the bachelorette party and being with her the minutes before leaving for the ceremony. Women with great relevance!

How to choose the dress code?

First, clarify that the bridesmaids wear, in most cases, a distinctive wardrobe, so that they look and distinguish themselves among the other guests.

While there are a number of issues, the dress for your bridesmaids will be a personal decision, which will involve the style of the wedding, type of wedding dress you wear, and, of course, the taste of your bridesmaids.

Fact one: the bride is you!

This means that the eyes and all the attention will be focused on you, the protagonist. Therefore, when choosing the dress code, decide on a wardrobe that leaves the latter sitting. While you can play with similar styles, your bridesmaids are your companions. Let the neckline, the glitter, and the glamorous cut be yours. Your bridesmaids should look discreet.

Same color and model?

This is one of the most complicated dilemmas to solve. Generally, and to narrow down the decision, it is stipulated that all bridesmaids look the same model and in the same color. Of course, for that, they should have previously checked that everyone agrees with the dress.

Another alternative is that the color of the dress is the same. But that each one looks at the model that suits her best. Or, on the contrary, dressed the same but in different shades.

A simpler alternative is that each dress as you want but that all share — the same accessory, like a bracelet or a flower on the wrist.

Protocol to follow

According to the protocol, bridesmaids should wear a long dress, regardless of whether the wedding is during the day or night. Logically, and especially today, this may vary.

The important thing is to remember to follow a line between the bride and the bridesmaids, who do not look unbalanced. If the wedding will be informal and you as a bride, wear a simple dress, your bridesmaids should also have one.

I also took into account the age of your bridesmaids, encourage communication, and make everyone feel comfortable with the chosen dress.


They can use all the same shoe model or the same accessories, or point to the individuality of each one. If you decide that each bridesmaid will choose how to complement her dress, prioritize a demure style that does not overshadow the protagonist of the wedding: the bride.

Was it clearer how your bridesmaids should be dressed? As always, the important thing is that everyone feels comfortable and that the fundamental thing is first: to accompany you on a day that will change your life. With good communication and these tips, you will surely get a perfect dress code.

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