Dark glasses for an attractive look 

The new trends give as much importance to the garments as to their accessories or accessories, marking the different styles, whether formal, casual, or sports. Although there are no definitive rules, some tips that can help you integrate all the elements harmoniously. Among them, the presence of sunglasses becomes effective every day. However, selecting dark glasses for an attractive look requires some advice.

The traditional belief gave the glasses a kind of need. For example, during the summer months, the intensity of the sun practically forced them to use them, without involving a particular style or look. However, today it is not a matter of the season, nor of necessity. The glasses have passed the limits, they have transcended as an essential element that transmits the personality of those who wear them.

Now, the great diversity of brands, models, and technological advances that allow us to acquire almost iconographic pieces. This leads us to have to spend some time in the selection of them, and when it comes to dark glasses, it is necessary to consider the new trends because There are multiple options.

New tendencies

Dark glasses in patterned frames with a variety of colors

The current trend is to wear dark glasses in colored frames, with prints. There is a wide variety in the market, the color, and the different designs in the structures mark a style. Of course, if you are more classic, you should know that, in a matter of lenses, there is always a mix of options.

Metallic, oval or round

Secondly, we must recognize that the lenses have a particularity, respond to a cyclical trend, the nineties have returned, and the retro is increasingly present in the market, designs classified in their time as “bizarre” have returned. That metallic design, oval or round, the style of the well-known John Lennon, lately is being imposed, resulting in a real option.

Air mounts of the ’90s

Third, another trend that is again present, for dark glasses, typical of the style of the nineties is the air mount. If in your time they seemed attractive, it is time to use them and if you prefer it incorporates the color, and you will wear the new trend.

Innovative Geometrics

Fourth, taking into account the above, something innovative is the diversity of geometric shapes and designs adapted to the world of lenses. They revolutionize fashion, style, attracting attention, it is undoubtedly the most attractive look of the season.

With double bridge

Fifth, another option that reappears is the “Double Bridge” design, in a variety of models and colors.

Trend Mix

Finally, a valid option could be to incorporate new trends as a whole. Getting your oval design in your glasses or maybe somewhat rounded, in a variety of colors as you prefer, something modern but stylish.

Your personal style

In any case, there is another point to consider outside of designs, models, materials, or only trends. And it has to do with your personality, your style, and of course, the face of your face, which will ultimately help you make the decision. The most indicated dark glasses and with which you will achieve that attractive look that you so desire is that which is a compliment, a part of you reflected in it.

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