Wallpaper is already a must in decoration. Decorating with the paper was a trend, fell into oblivion, and has returned strongly to stay and fill the walls with floral prints, geometric, textures …

From flowers, stripes or circles, to the classic toile de jouy without forgetting the most current graphics and the most endearing children’s motifs. Wallpaper offers as many possibilities as you can imagine. Dare to decorate with wallpapers and make it completely change the appearance of a room, two or the entire house because the wallpapers are suitable for any room, even for the kitchen and bathroom. 

The new generation of decorative papers

Put an original touch in your home, give it that air of elegance and distinction that you like so much when you see it in magazines. The firms bet on the wallpaper because it is a trend, and you will find so many styles that the most difficult thing will be to choose only one. The most trendy are:

Vegetable and tropical motives. Leaves and branches, not forgetting the cactusmania, but not necessarily only in green. The options to wallpaper in your house are infinite and of the most attractive.

 Floral They never go out of style although the trend softens the colors. They get dustier.


Geometric More Nordic air or pop-inspired.


Graphics. Drawings that pile up and repeat on all papers. 


The strength of black & white. A classic couple that remains. If you are looking for elegance, it is your choice. 


Imitation of finishes such as stone, concrete, or leather. You will have to touch it to verify that it is paper. The main advantage of papers with textures, reliefs, or 3D effects is that they hide the imperfections of the wall. 


But in addition, the eternal stripes do not go out of style. The horizontal ones lengthen the spaces, and the vertical ones help to visually separate the ceiling from the floor to gain a sensation of height. 


Ethnic roles are perfect for traveling spirits. The classics take us to the elegance and sobriety of the palaces … And for animal lovers, wildlife roles! 

Do you also know that you can convert one of your favorite photographs into a wallpaper? You are right! They are the murals that capture memories.

Type of wallpapers

Know the types of papers that you will find in the market and their resistance to using, humidity and light to know which one you need:

Paper. Composed of paper and a textile base. It is delicate, so use it if there is not too much movement in the area. Its placement is delicate.

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