Decoration ideas: the best tricks to get your bedroom ‘magazine.’

Surely you have ever wondered why the beds that are photographed in magazines look more comfortable while yours seems dull and graceless. We will reveal some tricks, secrets, and tips to make your bed and bedroom look radiant.

Behind the images that you can find in any decoration, the magazine is the hand of a stylist. But now, you can also order your bedroom as if it were a ‘magazine’.

Choose natural fabrics for the bedding set:

Especially those made in linen and cotton, as they will produce naturalness and style to your bedroom. Do not worry about the wrinkles of linen sheets or duvet covers. They will provide rich textures if they are natural. In the case of cotton sheets, iron them well. Do it when the sheet is still somewhat wet. The wrinkles of the fold will disappear better. 

How to make the perfect bed?

Opt for flexible sheets, so that the bottom is always in place. When placing the top sheet, see if it is an ornate piece or not. In case it is, the most worked edge or with a shot should always be placed towards the head. Place the printed side down, to appreciate it when you make the fold on the quilt or duvet cover. It is more attractive when bending is generous, at least 40 or 50 cm.

Decorative pillows. 

Equip the bed with two pillows for every person and place them on top of each other. Next, put the decorative cushions and quadrants relaxing on them. If you want to get a contemporary look, create some symmetric. In bohemian and natural environments, place the cushions in a seemingly careless manner.

The size of the sheets, pillows, duvet cover, quilts, or comforters also influences:

Pieces that fall short dazzle and cause unnatural wrinkles; the big ones produce a feeling of neglect. If your mattress is 150 x 200 cm, choose a 240 x 280 cm countertop sheet, a 240 x 260 cm duvet cover, and a 240 x 260 cm quilt or quilt. If it is 180 cm wide, the countertop sheet should be 270 x 280 cm, the duvet cover 260 x 270 cm, and a quilt or comforter 260 x 270 cm. In the case of the bottoms, it will also depend on the height of the mattress.

Why do magazine beds seem so comfortable and fluffy? 

Because they are always dressed with Nordic fillings to avoid overly marking the straight lines of the mattress, getting a more serene bed set to fall. It is a perfect resource for photoshoots, although logically in real life it is not always advisable – in summer, it would be impossible to sleep with such a stuffing. For those hot months, opt for a bedside plaid. You can also use a protective mattress cover with some padding, which will blur very sharp lines and angles.

How to get the look of a hotel bed. 

If you would prefer that your bedroom resemble the impeccable and neat appearance offered by prestigious hotel establishments, opt for the color white. Play with “white on white” prints in damask fabrics, or embroidered motifs and textures that bring richness, a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Acquire Egyptian cotton sheets, the most comfortable, durable, and luxurious.

Do not neglect the bedside tables. 

They are the master touch. A handy resource is to replace the classic table with a delocalized piece that fulfills the same functions: a chair, a ladder, a trunk, or even a small shelf hung with ropes to the ceiling, like a swing. Use books and magazines to add a more luxurious touch to the composition.

A disorder bed? 

Better, only in magazines. Stylists use this resource to provide a sense of naturalness and realism to bring the space closer to the reader. In a real situation, the bed should be made; otherwise, it produces an inevitable sense of disorder.

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