Dress shoes: How to combine them properly?

It is said that gemstones are a woman’s best friends. There are thousands of women who would exchange a diamond for a closet full of shoes, and it may seem that we never have enough pairs to wear every day. So diamonds can be a precious jewel, but nothing compares to the feeling of wearing shoes that you like and that fits your feet and that combines perfectly with your favorite dress.

When you are looking to combine shoes for dresses. It may seem at first glance that you choose some at random, although thousands of things happen in your mind before deciding on the right ones. There are thousands of designs. So today we will talk about the most popular and tell you how to combine them with your dresses.

What is and is not allowed

First of all, we want to talk about some “rules” of style that you must follow when combining your outfits:

What to do?

  • Use colors that complement or contrast.
  • Light-colored dresses go with light shoes, while dark ones will do it with dark colors.
  • Invest in a marvelous pair of shoes for dresses; there is nothing worse than ones that do not accommodate you.
  • Take seasons into account and dress accordingly.

What not to do?

  • Do not wear dark shoes with very light-colored dresses.
  • Do not choose fashion before comfort; you will not be able to walk.
  • We suggest you avoid wearing sandals in cold climates and boots in hot climates.


Now that you know the fundamental rules. It is time to open the wardrobe and identify some models of women’s shoes to achieve the perfect outfit.


It is a very light type of shoe that is generally used in spring and summer seasons. Being an open shoe, the best option to combine it is with a dress that exposes a little more skin like one with suspenders or one whose length reaches a little above the knees. 


Pump shoes are the perfect combination of urban and modern, which means you can improve any outfit with a pair of these and turn it into something full of style. Although these can also be worn with pants are some of the shoes for many women’s favorite dresses because they will always look charming.

This type of footwear is timeless so that it will look as good in spring as with a wool dress in winter. So combine it with stockings in winter or with a pencil skirt dress in spring.


The ankle boots are the shoes for dresses that dominate the fall-winter catwalks, and it is that in addition to looking super glamorous, they will help you stay warm when the weather is a bit cold. Few people know that a pair of ankle boots look great with a dress because they usually associate more with pants. However, fashion is constantly changing, and lately, you can see outfits where dresses are combined with booties.

The best thing for this case is to choose ones that barely reach the ankles because this is one of the latest trends in fashion; these are called “short booties.” Usually, this kind of footwear comes in winter colors such as black and brown. So choose a dress that looks exceptional with these tones.


These will be your best allies when it comes to dressing a little more formal and attending a more elegant event such as a wedding or a party. They are also the perfect model to take to the Christmas dinner of the office where everyone dresses a little more formal than usual.

Combine them with a dress of some dark color, because generally, these types of events are at night. Find one that has a nice detail so that all your outfit stands out. You can wear them with or without stockings, as they are so comfortable that your feet will feel light at all times.


This option is increasingly used by women who have a love-hate relationship with high heels and seek comfort. The shoes for women with low heels are perfect for bringing for several hours, and when you are looking for something that completes your outfit. They will make you feel that you are wearing heels without being too high. Combine them with a dress to go to the office, something more serious and semi-formal.

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