Earrings, sharing secrets in the ear

If you are a professional woman, an employee, a housewife, a student, a doctor, whatever it is, surely you do not lack in your jeweler that essential garment that responds to the name of earring or earring. But did you know that you can attract happiness to your life, with some well-selected earrings?

If you had never paid enough attention to the subject, I propose to do so from now on. Find out some secrets that can help you commonly attract happiness.

  • Choose carefully the hairstyle, outfit, accessories, and footwear that you will wear for every occasion. Once you have done so, stop with more emphasis on the earrings.
  • Look at your face model, along the length of your neck, in the shape of your ears, and try how it looks with the different types of earrings or earrings you have in your jewelry box.
  • A hairstyle that lets you see your ears completely can wear not very large earrings. I suggest that the earrings be with an omega clasp, guaranteeing a good grip; in this way, you will avoid possible loss or loss.
  • If the hair covers your ears totally or partially and you want to wear new earrings, try to make them long, well proportioned, and go with your color, makeup, and everything we relate in the first point. 
  • Some men like simplicity in a woman, but rarely overlook the fact that she does not wear earrings. Which inclines to think that they give a sensual and distinguished touch that the gentlemen appreciate in the ladies.

Challenging the times

There are clothes that never go out of style, and in this case, some types of earrings are included, which we will call classics. You can use them for a night out, as well as to be well dressed for your workday, pay a visit, take a walk. With them, you will always be elegant, and not only will you feel good. But you will make the person accompanying you or with whom you interact proud.

Tips for fashion

Fashion is not a matter of age; you have to get carried away by what within it goes better with you.

In this season, flowers take us by the hand from spring to summer, and you should not forget that detail when buying or ordering your next earrings.

The tendency is to point out the romantic, exaggerated, and bright. Choose shapes and colors that contribute to highlight its beauty but never subtract. The young women will gloat with a whole range of spring colors, and those with more accumulated youth will enjoy the neutral and pastel tones.

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