Familiarize yourself with the cosmetic products and tools you need to put in your makeup bag on your wedding day

Essential products and tools for the wedding day:

“Familiarize yourself with the products and tools you need to put in your make-up bag on your wedding day”

All women want to appear radiant with attractive makeup on their wedding day. To keep this look bright throughout the day, you need to prepare a make-up kit containing the essential cosmetic products and tools to correct or retouch your makeup. Here is the list of cosmetic products and tools you need on your wedding day.

– One of the most gorgeous occasions in any girl’s life is her wedding day, but it’s also a day full of emotions and tears. Therefore, you must use waterproof cosmetics. To keep a radiant look throughout the evening, here are the cosmetic products and tools to put in your makeup kit:

• Black waterproof mascara, blush, and waterproof lipstick. You may replace lipstick with a lip gloss that is easier to use if your professional makeup fades,

• Waterproof eyeliner and kohl pencils, eyebrow pencil and eyeshadow in the same colors used by the beauty expert,

• Make-up brushes to apply blush, lipstick, and eyeshadow,

• An eyelash curler and a special eyelash brush to use after the application of the mascara,

• Do not forget the cleansing wipes, they will be of great use if your makeup is spoiled because of tears,

• The wedding day is tiring so do not forget to put in your bag a deodorant and scented wipes,

• Keep a nail file in the bag, in case one of your nails breaks,

• You also need a small comb, a small mirror, hairpins, and hairspray to restore order in your hair,

• Your false eyelashes may spoil or even fall off, so be sure to put special glue in your kit,

• A small bottle of your favorite perfume. – Avoid touching your face to let your makeup hold as long as possible. 

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