The five functions of the bridesmaid

The bridesmaid is one of the fundamental people at a wedding. If you have been chosen to fulfill this function, you must know what is expected of you.

In case this is the first time that you are going to practice as a bridesmaid at a wedding, you may have some doubts about what tasks you will have to take care of. In addition to deciding which wedding hairstyle you are going to wear and providing some original ideas for weddings, such as the choice of wedding details. You will also be essential as moral support when you need to have a friend by your side. 

1. Help with preparations

Bridesmaids also help the bride in organizing wedding duties. If you are a group, try to get together and decide what each one will take care of. It is very useful to create a WhatsApp group so that everyone is up to date on what is being prepared.

If you think you have special skills in a specific subject, offer to take care of it. For instance, if you experience a lot about music or know a group that can play at the wedding, you can take care of preparing the playlist of romantic songs for weddings or coordinating live music. If your thing is fashion, you can be in charge of accompanying the bride to buy the dress or the tests.

2. Help choose the wedding dress and that of the bridesmaids

Some girlfriends want bridesmaids to dress all the same, but it is also something you can remember among all. It may be enough to choose a color and that each one decides on the type of party outfit she is going to wear, but when you go all dressed in the same tone, it will be much easier to identify yourself for the rest of the guests. It can be fun to go together to visit party dress shops.

3. Prepare the bachelorette party

Bridesmaids are also responsible for organizing the bridal shower. Surely this is one of the funniest parts of being chosen, bridesmaid.

4. Help the bride the previous days and the same day of her wedding

A delicate task that requires attention is to write down all the gifts. The bride and groom receive before and during the marriage. One of the bridesmaids can make a list, including the name of the person who made the gift. This will serve to send the thank you cards later.

If the bride and groom organize a pre-wedding dinner or party, the bridesmaids must be present; in this way, they will meet other guests, and the wedding day will be much easier to relate to them.

The wedding day is the most important of all. Bridesmaids can make sure that the flowers arrive on time, that everything is prepared in the restaurant, and to solve unforeseen last minute. 

They also have to play a public relations role during the party, attending to all who received your homemade wedding invitations and being aware that the bride greets everyone. Inviting newcomers to visit the cocktail table and sign in the guestbook is another of their tasks.

5. Give an emotional speech

It is a tradition that bridesmaids give a special gift to the bride, which they can deliver during dinner, asking for attention from all the guests.

As soon as the dance music begins to play, we advise you to be the first to go out on the track to “break the ice” and that the other guests are also encouraged to dance. With your party dresses, you will feel! And, above all, don’t forget to get in the front row when the wedding bouquet is launched!

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