Five stylish sweater styles for men 

The sweaters are clothing commonly associated with periods of cold autumn and winter. However, they can be useful at any time since some elegant sweaters give style to those who wear them. Ideally, choose the fibers of the garment, so that you are not uncomfortable suffering from the heat. When what you are looking for is to distinguish yourself from the rest.

The joviality will always be on your side since those years are long gone, where the knitted sweaters were only for grandparents. Ideally, you determine your style and the occasion for you to make the right choice, giving you the comfort and versatility you need without leaving the style aside.

Closed V-neck or round

They are two classic models, timeless and versatile. It is the finest of the elegant sweaters, especially when you wear it with a long sleeve shirt underneath, leaving the neck and cuffs protruding. While you can wear t-shirts with a round neck sweater and look formal combined with good pants to go to the office.

Button Cardigan

This type of open sweater with buttons on the front is ideal for wearing in semi-formal occasions while looking elegant; it is perfect for all ages. It brings a little more freshness, but at the same time coat, for warm or cold nights.

How to use it? It can be worn over a long-sleeved dress shirt with jeans and neutral shoes. This will keep a classic line. You can also choose the model that comes with flap and pockets, resembling a vintage jacket. They are unique and timeless.

Boat Neck

They are a type of elegant sweaters for men that are closed, similar to the round neck, with the difference that the opening is wider. They provide a more relaxed style while remaining elegant. Similarly, they combine perfectly with dress shirts and shirts.

Long neck

Also known as turtle neck, they are perfect for autumn. If you combine with a leather jacket, you will have a perfect outfit for a night out, but if you use it with a blazer and khaki pants, you will have a more formal look.

Tips for wearing elegant sweaters

  • You must combine clothes well. If you wear a printed sweater, the shirt should be neutral or unicolor, and vice versa.
  • The collar and cuffs of the shirt, if you leave them insight, should be well ironed, you will not want to look disheveled.
  • Choose soft touch fibers of good quality. This will make a big difference.
  • Do not wear very tight sweaters, that is, very close to the body. Ideally, they are slightly loose on the torso, and adjusted on the shoulder and back to stylize the figure.
  • You should always have this garment in black, navy blue, and brown type raw. These are the basics that will get you out of trouble in your wardrobe.

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