Five tips for choosing a perfect watch for women

 Although for many people it may go unnoticed, the clock is and will continue to be a symbol of status and elegance. This accessory is more than a garment, as it projects the character, style, and personality of the wearer.

Choosing the right watch can be a challenging task. So we bring you some tips that can help you choose the watch that best suits your style and personality.

1. The Size

The appropriate size of a watch depends not only on the wrist and arms of the wearer but how discreet you want to be. Generally, those of greater diameter are associated with more tricky and striking styles. On the contrary, the smaller ones or thin ones, transmit more elegance and sobriety. “The clock should not be so small that you cannot see the time on it, or so large that it protrudes from the width of your wrist.” 


If the diameter of the wrist is below 15 cm, watches with dials larger than 40 millimeters should be avoided. Otherwise, you have to look for watches that are at least 42 millimeters in diameter.

2. Elegance or Fashion

For those who dress in a classic and elegant way, most advisable is the leather wristwatches. This type of formal watch will serve you for special occasions, business meetings, business lunches, etc.

If your search is focused on a versatile accessory, we suggest you choose a piece in steel, gold, or silver, preferably an automatic model that has timeless designs and will accompany you for longer, giving you that special touch that will match to your style.

For an informal look, large or medium-sized wristwatches with colored backgrounds are an excellent choice. However, if you wear a formal one. It is best to choose metallic watches that combine with any outfit, making you look sober and elegant.

For occasions like corporate parties, cocktails, or weddings, you can wear thin wristwatches. Depending on the additional accessories (ring, earrings, etc.) that you will wear that day, opt for silver or gold models, with bright details, for example, Swiss crystals. And when it comes to exercising, choose sports watches that are usually bright and fun colors.

3. The Price

On the costs, Andres Rubio indicates “high-end watches are traditional of Swiss origin, and their elaboration is a process that has been inherited for generations. On the other hand, they have more affordable prices, and their quality is foolproof.” Automatic machinery, additional functions such as chronographs, sapphire crystals, limited editions, or the addition of precious stones are the key variables that influence the value of your watch.

4. Consider your Skin color

For dark-skinned women, it is recommended to use accessories that highlight their skin tone, a blue, magenta watch, an attractive variety of intense reds and a wide range of vivid colors will make you wear that accessory like a star.

If your skin is a brown tone, try warm colors, yellow, green, orange, beige, and tones that contain a tropical gradation. They will bring to your outfit the harmony you want. And if your skin is white, look for a color palette dark, for example, brown, blue, dark red, black, or dark silver.

5. Durability and Maintenance

Automatic watches due to their characteristic hibernation and production quality have a much longer lifespan. While quartz watches that run on batteries will require a small revision every time we replace the battery. These watches have an approximate life of 10 years.

Watches are useful purchases that can accompany you for many years. And become the reason for many anecdotes, do not feel guilty for rewarding yourself when you go to acquire one. It is the perfect gift and will teach people a part of your style and taste.

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