Five tips for dressing a tie well 

The rules for dressing a tie well were created to give uniformity to one of the most visible male accessories. This garment has many purposes: to give an image of seriousness, it helps to show a symbol of authority, facilitates a standard of dress, or demonstrates good taste.

A “badly worn” tie can have the opposite effect of what is sought to be achieved with it. It may leave a lot to be desired of the person and can do that instead of generating trust what it causes is the opposite. You may be seen as unpretentious or even as a joke.

That’s why you have to be careful when dressing a tie and for this. We give you the following tips.

How wear right a tie?

1. The width of the tie

We are in a time when the narrow but not super thin tie is the one that is in fashion. The ideal size is between two inches and a quarter to two inches and three quarters at its widest point.

Thin ties at this time are well seen in daily office attire or more formal events.

2. The length

The tip of the tie should reach just your waist. Not just below or just above it. There is no middle ground: let your tie hang above the navel.

A shorter or somewhat longer length that can cause you to look “slightly” scruffy. An image that you cannot afford to demonstrate in the office or important situations.

3. The collar of the shirt

The buttons on the collar of the shirt is a “no-no.” Ideally, do not wear those shirts with buttons around the neck, but especially it is a wrong decision to wear them at important times. The reason? It detracts a lot of elegance to your outfit.

The shirt collar size influences the size of the tie knot. Small collar shirts look good with tiny knots, and the large knot is consistent with a wide neck.

4. The knot

Slim ties don’t look good with big knots. This is the wrong time to wear a Windsor medium, a Prince Albert, or a Super Double Elliott. All these styles belong to the past, and you don’t want to see yourself as an antiquarian souvenir using outdated knots.

The American knot ( four-in-hand ) is one of the most used for its naturalness. It has a medium size and is not a perfect triangle that makes it look unreal. It gives a natural and elegant look to the outfit, and it is best that it looks good with all the necks.

5. The slit of the tie

That “dimple” that is seen just below the knot is the final touch to dress it perfectly. It is not mandatory to do it to look good, but as they say, “the devil is in the details”. Paying attention to something so simple helps improve your image and shows another connoisseur that you know and appreciate how to dress well. It is part of what makes the difference between presentable dress and dress well.

These tips are thinking so you can dress a tie well and have an excellent personal image. Remember that the image you transmit to others influences what they think about you. And you always want to look good.

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