How should food be served when there are few guests?

This rule applies only if there is a meeting of fewer than ten people since this does not require the need to dispense with a waiter for the number of guests that must be attended.

Normally it is recommended to serve food in dishes from the kitchen with the appropriate portions and already measured to have portion control. When it comes to guests, it should be served on a tray or large plates, which are left on the table so that all diners can be served to their liking. But this type of self-service must have a small logistics and organization for optimal and tangle-free care.

With these tips, the food will be much more pleasant and pleasant :

  • All dishes, whether main or contours, must be served separately on each plate so that the diner can serve the desired amount. Do not skimp on the amount of food served; this means that you should not put the right amount; If there are eight people at the table, you should think as if you were cooking for ten.
  • In the case of meat, if a complete piece of chicken is cooked, it must be cut in advance. This avoids the diner having the trouble to chop it on the table; the ideal is that everyone only chooses the piece they like best.
  • When it is desired to serve fish, the distribution should be as follows: it is preferable to serve it by fillets in the preparation, leaving the head, tail, and central spine in the kitchen. It is done in order to avoid any accident with the spines. The fork and shovel should also be arranged on the table, preventing the diner from eating with his hands.
  • The arrival of the dessert, all the guests, must have finished eating, the salt shakers, the sauces, baskets of bread, glasses, and glasses that are no longer going to be used are removed.

When guests want to drink coffee, it is best to take it to a more comfortable environment. It can be offered in the living room of the house.

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