Hairstyles for long hair

Long hair is fashionable again, more and more people grow their long hair, but one of the main problems is knowing how to comb your hair. There are hundreds of hairstyles for long hair that you can easily make yourself at home.

Some people get bored with the typical ponytails to tie the long hair, which gives monotony to your way of life. Or to always wear loose hair to all your events or even the so braided braid.

But the fact is that it is really amazing what you can change your face just by modifying your hairstyle. Most hairstyles for long hair require a maximum of about 10 minutes to complete, so you don’t have to spend too much time either.

You can be ready for any party or special event with an elegant and sophisticated hairstyle, making the most of the precious length of your hair.

Hairstyles for long hair

If you have decided to let your hair grow and have long hair, pay attention to these hairstyles that could save you from more than a hurry in your daily life.

Virtually all of these hairstyles can be worn by all types of women, whatever their face shape. So it depends only on your tastes.

Ponytail for long hair

This is one of the effortless hairstyles to perform; you only need hair straighteners and hairpins. To make a ponytail look long, you can try this trick. Divide your hair into two sections, so that the top and bottom part are well separated.

Attach each section of the hair with two collars. It has to look like the following image. Do you see how the different shows? In this way, we will keep the length, and we will have a much prettier ponytail.

Another way to make a very tall ponytail is to perform this little trick with the forks; in this way, we will gain height, and we will show off a beautiful ponytail.

If you want, you can combine braids with a ponytail. You can make beautiful side braids and pick them up in a ponytail. Or an inverted braid. I leave several examples for you to see how it looks.

Semi-picked for long hair

The semi-chosen ones are the ones that I like most personally, besides being super simple to perform, they look beautiful. They are ideal for important events if you want to have a clear face, but at the same time, show your long hair.

A trick to get them to perfection are the headbands, put it as a crown on your head, at the height you like best. And the lock of hair you have to wrap them around the headband. The final result is incredible.

Another semi-collected quite used is the one that is made with braids, you take a strand of each side of the head and make normal braids. You separate them a little to make them look prettier and cross them behind your head. Hold them with forks, so they don’t move.

A semi-collected of the easiest, reserved for occasions in which we do not have time to get ready is the following. You comb your hair all the way back, if you prefer, slightly top to create volume, fasten hair with hairpins.

Braids for long hair

The hairstyles with braids are somewhat more elaborate and require a little more time than other hairstyles. But honestly, I think it’s worth the result. They look great for girls with long hair.

It’s all a matter of practice, divide your hair into three sections, take one end and pass it over the center, then take the other end and pass it over it. Repeat the process until the end of your hair. Then go separating the braided hair a little. The result must be this.

Braids are always a safe option, whatever important event you have to go to, you will be bright, and you will be the center of attention of all eyes.

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