How a man dressed for a wedding 

A wedding is an occasion to decorate and enjoy a memorable day and not only girls, who seem to be able to choose between more models or styles; Men can also take advantage of the date to dazzle with their “look.

Men, in general, think that choosing an ‘outfit‘ to attend a wedding is fast and straightforward, but it needs a lot of attention and time. The goal is to use an elegant suit that highlights your own style. Here are some guidelines for selecting the suit.

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It is important to know what brand of clothing you can wear. To do this, look at the invitation first;  sometimes the couple makes notes on how to go to the ceremony.

For a day wedding

You can opt for lighter shades such as gray or blue. If you want to go one step further, dare with more neutral colors such as roasting. With this hue, you will be right if the wedding takes place in an open space, such as the countryside or the beach because its main advantage is that it is a fresh color and does not absorb heat from the sun.

For an evening wedding

In this case, the contrast is true: light tones are prohibited. Black is the classic option that never fails, but if you are tired of tradition, you can opt for a navy blue or charcoal gray suit. If you have chosen black, the most appropriate thing for a wedding at night is that you go with a suit.

Half label suit

It is the most recommended suit to attend a wedding. You can combine it with a bow tie or tie, although the bow tie will always be recommended at an evening/evening wedding. If you are the godfather or a particular person of the bride and groom, the most protocol is to wear a jacket suit.


The tie is the factor that should never be missing in a man’s suit. Choose one that matches the style of your suit and matches the color of your long-sleeved shirt. If you want to give a fun touch to your look, dare with a strident tie or bow tie for the day (red, yellow, purple) and white shirt.


They are as important as the suit. They must be elegant, new, clean, and leather made and must be combined with the suit. For beige or blue suits, dark black and blue shoes, or brown ones are recommended.


A boy can surprise with very attractive accessories such as a belt, a handkerchief in the pocket of the jacket, a sizeable and beautiful watch.

Tips for wearing a suit:

  • Always wear a long-sleeved shirt if it is white. If not, opt for colors such as sky blue, raw, beige or with a delicate diplomatic line in very light tones.
  • Wear a two-button jacket because they are more elegant and do not go out of style.
  • The sleeves of the jacket should allow seeing a shirt, from half a centimeter to a centimeter approximately. The length of the pants must not exceed the instep. The collar of the shirt should appear a centimeter above the jacket.
  • The jacket should fit your contour: it should not be tight and much small.

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