Prepare the best dishes and give your kitchen a new air of modernity is possible by choosing the best stove. Know how to choose the best stove, for this you must take into account the design and configuration of your kitchen and especially the uses that you will give it.

Therefore you must take into account the following points:

First, choose between stove or grill, the main difference being that the stove has the oven integrated, while the grill only includes burners.

If for your needs it is better to acquire a stove,  take into account that it can be floor which you can place independently in any place of the kitchen or built-in, but consider that they need a base or niche of the kitchen with the Correct measurement.

Type of energy

They are divided into three main types:

  • Of gas: They are the most common and require an installation appropriate to the type of domestic gas. There are them with manual or electronic ignition.
  • Electrical: They are safer since they do not use gas, their form of heating is by means of a glass-ceramic surface or with resistance burners.
  • Induction: They are the safest on the market since their burners are kept cool to the touch, heat is generated in specialized magnetic utensils for this type of stove.


  • The stoves are generally offered in two sizes: compact, 20-inch, and four burners, or medium with 30 inches and up to 6 burners.
  • In the case of grills, there is a greater variety of sizes from 20, 24, 30, and 36 inches.


  • Some have porcelain cover and other stainless steel.
  • Other models have a protective cap. In addition, there are different configurations and sizes of burners: small, standard, jumbo, triple flame, and specialized.

Finally, it is important to choose the color according to the kitchen decoration: stoves in white, black, and gray for classic decoration, or in stainless steel finish for modern decoration. Know the color trends for your home.

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