How to choose bridal shoes in 5 steps

We tell you the keys to select the perfect wedding shoe for your wedding. Do not miss it!

The wedding time is one of the most special days in which you should look beautiful and feel unique. Therefore, the chosen outfit must be adequate and be clear enough time in advance. As for the dress, it is necessary to have preparation time, the wedding shoes play a fundamental role, and increasingly, in the bridal look. At present, they have taken the leading role, and choosing the right ones for each style is essential to hit full.

In this post, you will find the keys to know how to choose the wedding shoes for your wedding in 5 simple steps. Do not miss them!

1. Choose according to your needs

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Gone is the time when the brides only thought of the target to choose their wedding shoes. Nowadays, you can get away with using any shoes for your wedding, be it some dress shoes, sneakers, booties or sandals. The very important thing is that the shoe you choose fits your personality and makes you feel yourself on such a designated day, and in addition, you can be comfortable, as far as possible, to give everything.

You also have to consider the time of year where you marry, you can opt for lovely sandals if your wedding is in summer, and if instead, your wedding is held in autumn-winter, velvet can be a perfect ally. In addition to this, booties and mules are becoming a more than recommended option.

As with the time of the year, you will also have to think about the place of celebration that you have chosen to say “yes, I want” because if you get married on the beach, opt for flat wedding shoes or comfortable sandals with those that you can walk without a problem through the sand. If you marry in a garden, think about covering your heels with some practical heel covers that will make the footwear not spoil, and you can use it on numerous subsequent occasions. If you get married in a place where the floor is built in stone, you better choose a thick heel to avoid tripping and compromised situations on a day when everything has to come out perfect.

2. Know when to buy and how to prepare them

Even if you think you can wait until the end to decide on some shoes or others, nothing is further from reality. You have to have the shoes when before the best since you must take them to the tests of your dress so that you know that it will be perfect long or that the style fits exactly with what you had thought.

Ideally, you should choose the shoes once you have chosen the style of the dress and are in the process of both its preparation and the arrangement of it if you have chosen to do it in an atelier.

When preparing your wedding shoes, keep in mind that there may be some setback that you cannot solve at the moment, for this, you must be prepared. For example, insoles with the pad or non-slip soles will help you securely secure your foot to the shoe and prevent blisters or any rubbing.

3. Select the appropriate fabric and model according to your dress

In bridal footwear, trends are reinvented season after season. Currently, all brides seek to surprise their guests with this complement because, although it seems that it is not seen, it is something that is given much importance. All women look at the shoes and therefore you must know what types there are to choose the perfect one.

  • Peeptoes: With an excellent good heel and platform, they stylize a lot and make them much more comfortable. There are many designs, and the colors are endless. Among the most used materials are satin or satin.
  • Booties: Breaker option that has been imposed in recent years. You can find them in lace, leather, and even with rhinestones or pearl applications, so fashionable this season. They are perfect to combine with a modern and very casual look.
  • Wedges: Specially designed for dancing and the after-party, they are very comfortable and ideal footwear if your wedding is celebrated in a place of the coast and summer. You will endure until the end of the party and give it your all.

The most used materials for wedding shoes are the skin, without a doubt, suede, satin, satin, crepe and other tweed fabrics, velvet is imposed as the top, lace or patent leather, not forgetting the Glitter and metallic effects.

4. Know the types of heels

  • High: from 12 cm, the high heel is perfect if you are short and want to enhance your figure. Also, if you are one of those who endure with it daily and you can not give up the elegance they bring, for them without hesitation.
  • Medium: the middle heel is the most common; it is between 8-12 cm. He is the most chosen by today’s brides since we usually opt for comfortable shoes and we like heels for special occasions without thinking that they can annoy the party. A medium heel is ideal if you have a stature similar to that of your partner and do not want to look much taller.
  • Low: between 5-8 cm, the low heel is the most suitable option for those women who choose to wear only one shoe on their wedding day and want to give it their all, or they feel much more comfortable because they do not usually wear heels in your routine
  • Flat: the flat shoe is taking the lead and is prevailing strongly among today’s brides, there are thousands of shapes, colorful ways and with numerous details that will make you look equally elegant and feminine.
  • Wedge: it is also imposed as the best option for those who choose comfort or who prefer to change at any given time of the celebration.

In the variety is the taste and you choose which one best suits your bridal look.

5. Curiosities that may interest you

Among the tips that can help you:

Keep in mind that white and ivory tones may vary and be difficult to combine, so opt for a different color or consider dying your shoes to match precisely.

If you try on your shoes physically, try to wait until the end of the day to go shopping. This is because your feet will widen as the day goes by, and you will achieve a more precise size.

If you get married during the day, opt for softer and more cheerful tones, however for the night, you can wear much more intense colors as well as metallic and glitter.

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