How to choose catering for a luxury wedding

No doubt your marriage is a very special celebration. So you want it to be perfect taking care of every detail to have a luxurious and wonderful wedding. Choosing the ideal party room is not the only step to follow, you should also think about the food you will serve , without doubt one of the most important aspects to make your party perfect as you imagine. But where to start?

We give you some keys to discover how to choose catering to a luxury wedding.

Steps to follow:


If you want to have a wedding in style, full of luxury. The first thing to take into account is to choose quality suppliers specialized in detail and service. Otherwise, the more expensive you choose the most expensive products on the menu the result will always be less than what you expect.


Infallible advice to choose the catering of a luxury wedding is to take into account the products of the season, those that you know will be fresh and in the ideal conditions to be served. In this way, the taste alone will already be good. If you add to this the work of a group of expert chefs, the final result will delight the palate of all the guests.


The luxury hotels offer a special service for weddings with a wide catering full of delicious alternatives to delight the senses and captivate the palate. This is the experience that you should provide to your guests. So always get the best advice and be guided by reputation and your own experience rather than prices. Remember that quality does not always mean paying the highest cost.


You should always try each of the snacks, products, and dishes you plan to serve at the wedding. it is the only way to ensure the quality of catering. It is also very important to be clear about the list of guests who will attend this special day because based on the number you can calculate how much food will be necessary to make your marriage celebration the perfect celebration.


When choosing the catering for your luxury wedding there are several alternatives. Always start with appetizers, prawns, meats and quality products such as acorn ham, salmon and fresh fish are ideal for this type of entree. The seasons are a must if you want your wedding menu to be more varied, they also provide a rather luxurious touch, those of cheese, salmon, and seafood are quite popular. You can also have a tasting area where your guests can enjoy different varieties of the same product: meat, fish, or seafood, a delicious experience that everyone will enjoy.


The choice of desserts allows us to play more creatively: from a special area for fine chocolate, through mini tartlets, to traditional desserts in small and light versions. The presentation, variety, and combination of flavors is the key to choosing this important part of your wedding catering.


There are those who prefer to select a good amount of snacks, plan some stations and tasting areas, and forget the menu. However, the most classic continue to opt for the menu served as a first and second course, but the choice of dishes is not easy. Quality is essential, so make sure your options meet your expectations. You can choose between a first of pasta and a second of meat, serve a salad and then a good fish dish or combine the products of the land and the sea in two delicious dishes.


The ideal catering for a luxury wedding is one that perfectly balances the taste of the food, the presentation and the quality of the products and the service, elements that cannot be missed if you want your celebration to be perfect and unforgettable.

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