How to choose the headdress for a wedding

The headdresses are those complements that manage to turn a fine and simple dress into a glamorous and elegant dress that can make a difference at any wedding. Even so, it is a difficult accessory to combine if we do not have a slight idea, and despite being great and ideal, we usually discard it and complete our look with more traditional ornaments. But in alike with simple tricks on how to choose the headdress for a wedding. We want nothing to be an impediment, and you dare to stand out with this beautiful complement.

Steps to follow:

Step one:

If you have decided to give a touch of glamor to your dress with a nice headdress. The main thing is that you try several models to verify that you feel really comfortable with it, that it adapts to your style, and that it is in accordance with your personality. Weddings are events in which you must be beautiful and comfortable with yourself, so if you are going to be thinking that you are wearing something strange on your head, it is preferable to discard the option of displaying a headdress for that day.

Step two:

Find a headdress model that matches the type of dress you will wear at the ceremony. For example, if your dress is simple and without too many ornaments, then you can let the headdress be the protagonist of your outfit, but if it is a dress with glitters or rhinestones will be better to opt for a more discreet headdress. Remember that the rule ‘less is more’ becomes important in your style to attend a wedding. Also, for long dresses, minimalist headdresses are more flattering, without extravagant shapes or too many feathers; and the most daring, striking, and large designs are ideal to combine with short dresses.

Step three:

The protocol rules regarding wedding styling require a certain style of headdress depending on the time of celebration of the marriage bond:

  • At tomorrow’s weddings, the guests can combine their day dresses with hats and pamelas as well as headdresses, choose the model with which you look more favored and attractive.
  • For evening weddings, hats and pamelas that are replaced by more discreet headdresses with soft and simple lines are completely discarded.
  • And, for the night, it is advisable to opt for other types of ornaments such as beautiful brooches, headbands, or shiny hairpins since long gala dresses do not require excessive ornamentation.

Step four:

Also, the materials and fabrics of the headdresses vary depending on the time of the year. In winter velvet, organza or felts are used that provide a feeling of warmth and, on the contrary, for spring and summer weddings, light textures such as Raffia or lace.

Step five:

If you have doubts when choosing the color of the headdress, think that it does not need to be the same tone as the dress. You can afford to innovate and achieve a more striking look with other colors that combine with your shoes and bag or with headdresses that show some detail similar to the color of your dress. Even so, you should know that headdresses in light shades are better for women with brown and brown hair, unlike the blonde ones who look prettier with headdresses in dark and intense colors.

Step six:

When you have a headdress for a wedding in mind, there is always the question of how you should comb your hair for the occasion and what types of hairstyles give good results. Well, any headdress model usually looks better with a beautiful collected or semi-picked but, equally, women with short hair can wear it with loose hair. Of course, ornaments such as headbands or turbans will make you look much more elegant and attractive with loose hair.

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