How to choose the perfect sari for your body shape

How to select a sari for your body type? Saree is the traditional clothing of India, which women can wear with great elegance. Sari makes a woman look sensual, and with the evolution of time and fashion, the definition of sari has actually changed from the conventional style. Some tips will help you choose the sari and style, which will complement your body type.

Fashion is about dressing for body shape. No woman can go wrong with the sari, but the really important thing is to consider what type of sari suits the shape, color, and age of her body. How to choose a perfect sari according to body shape? The sari is the most traditional and beautiful variety of the garment preferred by most Indian women.

Not only Indians but even foreigners like the draping styles of the sari. But, not all sari would match the shape of their bodies. Instead, you need to choose the fabric and design of a particular sari that goes well with your physique. If you are long in height or short, you must be discovered before deciding the saree. Your health is also a factor in choosing the right sari.

Saree style for different body shapes

Pear-shaped body

How to choose the perfect pear-shaped sari for the body? Pear-shaped women have a heavier bottom compared to the upper body. They should use chiffon and georgette saris, as these will balance their upper and lower parts. The sari in seedha pallu style in draping will make your body look proportionate. Dark and bright colors will fare better than light colors. Black, navy, burgundy, charcoal, dark green, or purple saris will look good on a pear-shaped body. Saris with beautiful edges, small prints, and embroidery works will be a good option. Dividing a sari just below the navel will add grace and style.

Apple-shaped body

How to choose the right sari for the apple-shaped body? An apple shape is heavy around the bust and stomach. They should opt for saris with beautiful embroidery, which will complement the body type. Longer blouses will cover the waist. Alternatively, the sari has to be wrapped slightly higher. Silk is a fabric that will be ideal for an apple-shaped body. The sari should be covered in a simple way with ulta pallu. Contrast-colored blouses will give the sari a dramatic effect.

Overweight women

How to choose the right sari for overweight women? Overweight women should opt for gauze and silk saris and avoid cotton and stiff fabrics, as they will make them look bigger and bigger. Dark colors look better in heavy bodies. Full sleeves and full blouses will be more suitable.

Voluptuous figure

How to use saris for voluptuous figures? Georgette, gauze, and net fabrics will adapt to voluptuous figures. They will wrap tightly around the body and highlight the curves. The dark colors will illuminate the embroidery, and the beads will make the woman look thinner. Criss cross-chain blouse will attract attention.

Slim figure

How to wear a sari in case you are thin? Women with a slim figure should buy cotton, silk, and organza, which will give them a complete figure. Saris in light colors with heavy embroidery, brocades, or beads will be the most suitable. Women with a thin figure can choose Sais printed in bold in different colors. These women can wear a neckless, sleeveless, halter neck, and tube blouses very well.

Tall and thin women

How to choose the right sari for tall and thin women with body shape? Tall and thin women can get along with the heavy borders of the saris. They can also opt for large bold prints in a variety of colors, as it tends to divert attention from the height. 

Short and thin women

How to opt for the sari for women with short and thin body shapes? Women of short stature should opt for saris with a thin edge, as it will give them a taller appearance. They should avoid large prints and heavy edges. Small and medium prints will look good on short and thin women.

Types of blouses to adapt to body shape

A well-fitting blouse accentuated the beauty of the sari. The design of the blouse must be made to measure, to complement the sari and also the personality of the user. The sari has no body shape, but a blouse is based solely on size and fit. As the beauty of a sari is only determined with an effortless blouse design, the type of blouse that suits the body shape should be chosen.

Round and square neck blouse design

They are the most common blouse designs that have been in fashion since time immemorial. This design suits tall women and girls.

Rectangular and oval blouse design

It particularly suits women of short stature who have short necks. This backless blouse design adds grace to your personality.

Chinese collar blouse design

Congratulate tall women with long necks.

High Neck Blouse Design

Again for tall women with long necks. The design of the turtleneck blouse is quite a fad these days. Heavy work of ornament on the neck and chest requires a minimum of jewelry in the ears and hands.

Halter neck blouse design

It is a fashion design for women, who prefer to combine tradition with the fashion of the new era. Women with a pear-shaped body can opt for the halter neck blouse design.

Spaghetti Straps Neck Blouse Design

It is an ultramodern design for fashion-conscious women. This design is suitable for women with large neck bones and a long thin neck. Women with a heavier top should not go by the neck with spaghetti strap.

Blouse with transparent or transparent sleeves

It is a versatile blouse design that fits almost any type of body. Transparent sleeves are trending these days. They accentuate feminism and also strategically hide defects. Usually, they are made of net and transparent fabric.

Backless blouse with 3/4 sleeves

It is another versatile style that adds glamor to the personality. This is an ultra-elegant design that makes one look elegant.

Saris for overweight ladies

Women with a flaccid body shape should choose the fabric in an intelligent way. It will be good for them to choose silk, chiffon, synthetic, or georgettes saris. This will make them look thinner than they really are. The choice of sari color also plays an important role in creating the image of the lady. This category of women should use dark-colored saris.

Saris for thin ladies

The best sari style for slim women with body shapes. If you are thin, you should not worry about the saree you are wearing, whatever you will make you look good. But there are some tips for you too. It is better to use light-colored saris as this will increase your volume a bit. Saris with heavy edges and embroidery work will adapt to you as it has enough space in your body to accommodate the design.

Saris for ladies of short stature

Elegant sari style for ladies of short stature. Women with short stature should not use very heavy saris. Even the saris of the large border will not be appropriate for them. Plus the edge, short will see the lady. It will be ideal if you can use a thin-edge sari with a very small job at all times. The colors will be according to your choice.

Saris for tall ladies

The best ways to wear a sari for tall ladies. These women can use saris with very wide edges. You can carry those saris with a lot of work everywhere. If saris have a stripe design, they can also use horizontal stripes. This will help them hide their superiority.

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