How to choose your wedding rings

Discover what you should take into account when looking for your wedding rings.


The rings of marriage will undoubtedly be the most valuable rings that will carry in this new stage since they represent the commitment and eternal love that they have as a couple. So they must select them with a lot of determination, and facilitate this task we have for you some useful recommendations:

Define Budget:

Determining a starting price and a maximum cost to pay will be basic to start with this search. You should consider that many materials and designs increase the value. So it is always good to have a considerable margin so that you can have the rings you have always dreamed of.

 Choose the ideal material:

You will find a huge variety of materials for your rings, from the classic yellow gold, the romantic pink gold, the elegant white gold, or the newest options such as platinum, titanium, and even ceramics. This will also depend on your personal taste. You should also consider subsequent maintenance, do not forget to check the pros and cons of the materials with your jewelry box.

 The style The perfect match!

An important point will be that your ring goes ad hoc with your engagement ring, choosing an option that combines well will be ideal, but it is not mandatory, but it certainly manages to give a more elegant look. As for the couple to wear identical rings today it is valid to get out of that rule because many times we choose a ring with rhinestones that evokes a more feminine style for the bride and a more sober aesthetic for the groom. In short, there are a thousand proposals to choose from in terms of matte, satin, combined, enameled finishes, among others that we are sure you will find the ideal option.


You have to pay attention to the width of the ring because you must carry it comfortably. You must also measure them well because it should not be too tight or too loose, remember that it is the ring that you will wear day by day and should stay perfectly.

 The Carat:

Although 24 karat gold has greater purity. It tends to deteriorate faster; the ideal is to opt for one of 18 carats. Remember that the materials have a different weight that makes them be preserved differently, so ask your supplier which one is the most suitable for the chosen design.


Finally, do not forget to make sure the delivery times, remember to be ready for that great day. Anticipate your search at least four months before to have everything ready for your wedding, especially since there are some pieces and designs that have to be ordered.

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