How to combine a red sofa?

Is it difficult to combine a red sofa in your living room? To decorate an environment, it is not necessary to be an expert in Art or Decorations, just the desire to want to create a pleasant space. However, with a little common sense, we can perceive what looks good or bad, and we will surely express a bit of our personality when choosing the colors, prints, and furniture that will be part of our creation. Just a little creativity and take into account some decorating tips. It will be everything you need when it comes to getting a good result.

Basic rules of decoration to place your red sofa:

There are a number of basic rules of decoration that will be very useful at the beginning, especially in the case of having a red sofa as a starting point:

Color – space ratio:

It is key to take into account the size of the space to be decorated. Since the range of colors will be decisive in helping to create a space effect in small and dimly lit rooms, or on the contrary, in very spacious rooms where we will look with the help of colors, create a more welcoming atmosphere.

Choice and combination of colors:

The 60-30-10 rule is a rule to combine colors in decoration. The numbers 60-30-10 correspond to the percentage that we will distribute in the room in relation to the colors that we will use in the room.

Choose 60% color: Walls and floors:

This is the percentage to apply one of the colors in the room, which we can allocate to the walls and floors.

Choose 30% color: Sofa:

This is the percentage of the color of another space in the room, which in our case corresponds to the sofa.

Choose 10% color: Accessories:

Finally, the third color in this percentage may be for accessories, among which are: cushions, lamps, pictures, etc.

Room lighting:

The lamps will not only give a chic touch but will be an element of lighting and elegance. At the same time, playing with the colors of the curtains or blinds, in relation to the balance of light, whether natural or artificial, will make you look more welcoming.

The decoration rule that “less is more”:

Having few but elegant and consistent accessories, full of personality and good taste, are the key to good decoration.

Accessories and furniture:

Take into account the usefulness of the accessories and furniture to choose from, because it is important not to fill the spaces with tiny and useless furniture. Since they will only be sponges for dust and will not allow a clean and clear environment to have a space that is visually pleasing and easy to keep clean.

The range of colors and your red sofa:

Not all colors work well together; you just have to take into account that the colors you choose come from the same color spectrum, whether they are warm, containing yellow and red; or cold, which come from blue. All colors are formed from these three.

In the case of the red sofa, which as we said before corresponds to 30% of the room, it would be advisable to play with the percentage of the color destined to the walls of the space to be decorated and that of the curtains, cushions, lamps, etc. as follows:

Greyish Blue:

60% of blue ranges

Walls with colors in greyish blue ranges, playing with the curtains being these in tones more gentle in contrast to the walls or vice versa.

10% gray and red ranges

Accessories such as cushions and lamps in light gray and dark contrasting prints, pictures with red frames, and red lamps to contrast with the sofa.

Ocher, beige and brown:

60% beige and ocher ranges

Destined to walls and curtains in Beige and Ocres colors, also the wood in floors and the frames will give it a good touch.

10% of orange ranges

With wooden furniture, tables, and chairs, lamps, and cushions printed in the same range of colors, without abusing the orange and ocher tones and giving greater prominence to the Beige.

Black and white

60% white, red and black ranges

The white walls and black and white patterns in curtains or blinds are good contrast when combining white, red, and black.

10% white / black unicolor ranges

Accents with a cushion or unicolor accessories is a good choice, either with any of the mentioned colors. Tables, cabinets, or black shelves will give a good balance to this daring decoration.

White and grey

Same as the previous one, but with more light, for the decoration of smaller spaces.

 Keep in mind that every question of tastes, dare and create your combination, your rest space, and you must reflect your personality in that, that is the important thing.

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