How to decorate a small flat in 10 ideas

An apartment has to change according to the time of day, to take advantage of the space, especially when it is little and as in many cities the prices are very high, it is usual for our apartments to be small. Nowadays, it is vital to learn to manage the lack of space, and here we have ten tips to optimize a little flat.

1. The first thing is to clarify, ask yourself what you need. Are you sure a table for 12 people is useful? Maybe, if you live alone or with your partner, you don’t have the habit of inviting friends home.

2. Before deciding, know your home. You have to look at the light conditions on different days, the noises and everything that influences the day today.

3. The floors are getting smaller, but the furniture is still large, be careful with them. A sofa takes up a lot of room, and maybe you don’t need it. The bed size does not have to be extra large either. We must take advantage of the novelties of the design, discover the possibilities of chairs and folding tables or beds that disappear. There is nothing more ecological than reusing objects that you already have with another function. For example, a folding chair can be both a frame.

4. Think of the house according to your daily functions and be honest: the bathroom and kitchen are the most important.

5. Look at the vertical height of the house and take advantage of the walls.

6. Take advantage of hidden spaces.

7. Every inch counts, especially when you have paid them so expensive!

8. If you have paid the rent at 5,000 euros, you have to take into account everything that allows you to optimize the spaces.

9. If you don’t know how to do it for yourself, consult with a decoration professional.

10. Smile: don’t be afraid to be wrong . Every effort you make today will help you live better tomorrow.

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