We are sure that when you have visitors, you like to make them feel at home, and that is an art. With a few practical tips, you can create a guest room worthy of the best hotel.

We know that it is not always simple to receive guests. Ideally, you can have a multipurpose space that serves as a TV room and becomes a guest room when someone comes home. But there are options for everything, so, for now, we describe you our best tricks to create a luxurious environment.

The must of the perfect guest room


The most essential thing when setting up the guest room is the bed. Without a doubt, it is the key piece to make your visits comfortable. If you don’t have space problems, don’t even think about it, put a double bed, it’s much more versatile.

If you have a tight little space, you will have to resort to the always helped sofa bed or a trundle bed. They are ideal for guest bedrooms since they can be used as an armchair and so you will have a 2 in 1.

If you have children, the guests will come and go constantly. In this case, more than an additional bedroom, you will need extra beds so that the kids can make their pajama party, and, for this, the bunk beds are ideal.

Finally, there is improvisation, and, in this case, the mats are very practical, and you can use them to decorate a chill out when your guests leave. 

The ideal temperature

We don’t know if your guests are feeling cold or not, so the best thing is to leave additional blankets at the foot of the bed. A good temperature is important to be able to fall asleep. Do not forget to leave several pillows.

Ah! Leave a pair of slippers at home at the foot of the bed, they can be used and thrown away, like those in hotels. They will love the detail, and it will be obvious that you have thought about their well-being.

Storage space

Yes, we know that it is hard for you to organize your own things to leave extra space for guests, but believe us, it is the best way to keep order.

Try to have a versatile piece of furniture that can vacate some drawers or, failing that, the wicker baskets, as well as decorative, they give a lot of play.


Nor should you forget what they may need at bath time. Leave a set of towels on the bed to cool off upon arrival. Do not forget that travel is usually tiring. Take care of the details, and for this, we recommend that you perfume the towels with lavender or some soft essential oil.

Fresh flowers for the guest room

A perfect guest room needs details that make it special, and who will not be flattered with a floral vase as a welcome gift. 

A message

Next, to the vase of flowers, you can leave a note, making it clear how happy you feel to receive them in your home. Write down the basic instructions to keep in mind, such as your Wi-Fi password or if there are any specifications you should know. They will feel at home.

For the thirsty

It is usual to wake up in the middle of the night thirsty, and if you are visiting a house, you do not want to go snooping into the kitchen. Your guest room should include a beautiful jug or bottle and glass cups so they can drink whenever they want.

Guest room: a little reading

Leave some magazines and books on one of the bedside tables. They can include information about the city if it is the first time they visit it. It will be very useful, and you will become the ideal host.

An extra tip

To make your life easier, we suggest you have space in a closet with everything you need to assemble the guest room.

With these simple tips, your home will become a 5-star hotel, and your guests will be delighted with your hospitality.

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