How to Decorate the Stairs

We can say that the stairs are generally the most forgotten point when decorating our home and taking full advantage of our tastes and preferences.

However, you have at your disposal a lot of ideas that can help you make this area of ​​the house a cozy, original, striking, and even surprising place.

Colors, lights, art, photography, plants. There are many resources available to bring your stairs to life. Take note of the ideas we have prepared for you! 

Cover the steps

The first option that we propose is that you may find it somewhat sober at first, but if you combine the materials and colors well, the result will be optimal. We talked about the possibility of the coating or painting the base of the steps. And we will do this by painting them in a different color or by resorting to the coatings.

Coating the steps of materials (or with imitations of materials) such as wood, marble, cement, or granite will give your stairs an air of the most sophisticated. For a 100% perfect effect, it is best to choose textures and colors that contrast with the side walls surrounding the staircase. 

The tiles will bring freshness to the stairs

Another way to make your steps truly original is to cover them with tiles. These can all be the same or vary from one step to another, forming a combination of the most striking. 

And, if you don’t want to get too complicated when changing your ladder this way, remember that there are adhesive panels. Many of them emulate tiles in a very natural way. 

You might feel that this option is only suitable for outdoor stairs, but if you dare to use it inside the house, you will give an extra color, originality, and freshness to your home.

Play with the light on your stairs

Another indispensable element in the decoration (not only of stairs) is the use made of lighting. In this case, we recommend you use lamps that attract attention and place them right in the center or on both sides of the stairs. Thus, you will highlight this space so forgotten sometimes as far as light is concerned.

Another option is to place integrated spotlights on the wall so that the lighting is much more discreet, indirect, and elegant. It all depends on the effect you are looking for. And how far or near your stairs are from the main focus of natural light in the house.

Or do it directly on the steps

Why not directly illuminate the steps? Recessing lights on the staircase or its sidewalls will make your staircase a totally unique area. And, if you prefer to go one step further, place a small point of light at each step level. So, even at night, you will make sure you can fully illuminate your staircase.

Of course, remember that if you opt for this mode of lighting, you will have to be much more discreet when placing the ceiling lamps. If you decide that this type of lighting has to exist on your stairs. Because, certainly, with the spotlights of the steps could be enough.

Distinguish the base of the riser step

A staircase is composed of steps, and these, in turn, are made up of the footprint and the riser. We refer to the part where we support the foot when we climb the stairs (footprint) and the vertical that joins a step with the next (riser). Well, one way to decorate your staircase is to distinguish these two elements.

Thus, it is about decorating the steps of the steps in one way and the risers in a very different way. For example,  keep the footprint in a neutral tone, which is the one that suffers the most footprints, and to provide the climber with an original and different design.

Add a railing or renew the one you already have

Maybe your ladder does not yet have a railing, something that is also very common in cases where the ladder is located between two walls. Or it is possible that the railing that you installed at the time has become outdated or worn out over time. So why not renew it?

It is something that does not require a large investment, and that will not force you to do great works at home. And, instead, it will be a change capable of completely modifying the appearance of your stairs. And there is railings ideal for all styles and to please all decorative tastes.

Fill the walls of your staircase with color. 

Is your ladder next to one or two walls? So, take advantage of this situation to surround this sometimes dark element with color basically, because the walls are the ones that give us more possibilities and more versatility. 

For the wall, we can use intense colors that highlight this corner of the home, or opt for more subtle colors, that draw attention equally to the staircase, but that focus more on reflecting the light that enters the windows of the room closest. 

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