Eight styles to decorate weddings. What is yours?

In the same way that each person has their own style, the wedding decoration also has it. We tell you the 8 styles of decoration that exist so that you can choose the one that most identifies you.

There are countless wedding styles. That is why it is important that, first, you know what they are and what details are those that make up each of them to make the decision that most closely matches your ideas. Get inspired by this selection of eight styles for a unique wedding!

1. Classic Style:

The most characteristic of the classic style are the party rooms with large centerpieces, decorative crockery, and flashy lamps. Nor can flowers and elegant plants that decorate without excesses be lacking, so that everything is in its right measure. In addition, the color range is usually quite linear, varying only between two types of colors or within the same color scale. The most used is the intense or stately, such as blue or gray, or more refined, such as beige. These are almost always combined with the color white; the one chose par excellence. This style is typical of the more traditional marriages. Where the protocol is fulfilled to the letter.

2. Urban Style:

It is a modern and casual style, but at the same time glamorous and elegant. These marriages are usually held in large hotels in the city that offer terraces with spectacular views. The most characteristic details of the style are the set of lights with lasers, candles, and the combination of bright colors with intense colors such as garnet, purple, or black. In addition, the curtains of water where images are projected or the waterfalls of smoke and any surprising effect to innovate and amaze the guests, are the order of the day in the urban style.

3. Romantic Style:

To feel like a true fairytale princess! A green garden or the beach are the ideal places to celebrate it. In this style, you can not miss the flowers of all colors, especially combined between bright and delicate colors and soft pastel tones. The arch of flowers and plants is typical to decorate the altar. Both a hanging decoration of yellow lights that cover the trees and decoration with fabrics and lace are characteristic of the romantic style.

4. Vintage Style:

The retro-style achieves a magical and comfortable decoration with simple objects or with DIY creations. Globe lamps, yellow lights, and pennants are some of the many favorite objects to decorate a vintage outdoor environment. In addition, it is played between bright colors with intense colors and even rusty effects. In interior decoration, you can not miss the old cages, flowers, bottles, cans, or glass jars with candles. Many times posters are placed to indicate where the cocktail bar is or where the WC is. Significant words and phrases that decorate the entire environment abound.

5. Chic Style:

The shabby chic style mixes the retro with the DIY. White and pastel colors predominate with a tendency to pink, lilac, fuchsia, and blue. It looks like the vintage style in terms of details to decorate – cages, flowers, pots, jars – but the difference lies in the intensity of the light. In a vintage wedding, the colors tend towards darkness, achieving a more bohemian atmosphere. Instead, the chic style is characterized by having a luminosity and total clarity. It becomes ideal for day marriages, both in outdoor spaces and in indoor spaces.

6. Country Style:

This country style is characterized by evoking nature and country life with the presence of tree trunks, Christmas pineapples, candle lanterns, fireplaces, wooden boxes, carriage wheels, large plants, and many more details that are intended Create a bucolic environment. Materials such as rustic ropes or fibers such as jute are ideal for decorating souvenirs or guest cards.

7. Boho Style:

A most relaxed and spontaneous style. The bride and groom can even go barefoot if it is a ceremony in summer and outdoors. DIY decoration predominates garlands, colored pom-poms, or pennants. The lighting is very important, so the circus-style pendant lights or the lights on the tree branches are the most predominant. Candles and flowers are also essential. Light and bright colors blend incessantly.

8. Thematic Style:

It is one of the styles that can be customized most because it is about choosing a theme – hobbies, series, and favorite movies, singers – that identify with the couple. Everything has to be related to the theme they want music, reception, clothing, souvenirs, invitations, centerpieces, and of course, all the decoration of the place. Depending on the theme they select, it will be a more or less informal marriage. They must choose a style that they love. If you always dreamed of having a themed wedding, do not hesitate, it will be extraordinary.

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