How to dress “Smart Sport”? Guide for the Modern Man

Who has not seen written in an invitation, the phrase ” assist with elegant sportswear “? Although, at first sight, it is a contradictory term and even “Huanchaco” (as Martha Hildebrant mentions ) it cannot be refused that it is quite a popular expression. While these words are widely used in Peru, it does not happen in the same way in the fashion world. If we look for a word that expresses this style more universally, perhaps this would be ” semi-formal ” or ” smart casual .”

In any case, if you receive an invitation that demands to wear elegant sport. We prepare a list of clothes and accessories that you should not miss so that you do not disagree with the rest of the guests.

Wearing “Smart Sport” Clothing:

The foremost thing we will do is identify the basic garments that you will use together to achieve the look you need, such as a shirt, pants, shoes, etc. Once this is done, we will help you select some accessories to make your outfit stand out more. Remember that the idea is not to go and make you spend money, but to have you check your closet to see what elegant sports clothes you have and use them properly. If you’re ready, let’s start checking your wardrobe!

Shirts for your elegant or “semi-formal” sports look:

Although the term “sport” suggests otherwise, within this code it is not acceptable to wear henley shirts, polo shirts, or shirts (which in Peru we simply call “polo shirts”). Ideally, you should wear a shirt with a collar and long sleeves, always tucked into your pants. While it is true that at certain moments you could skip this rule, the safest thing is always to wear a shirt.

Pants to wear elegant sport or “smart casual”:

Unlike the shirt, your pants options are a bit wider. You are allowed to wear a jean, but on the condition that it is a full and dark color, that automatically excludes any broken, worn, or application jean. You can also experiment using Chinese, persimmons, or five-pockets, which are comfortable garments that can be comfortably worn at any time of the year. If you are going to be in a hot environment you can opt for linen pants. However, if you are going to be exposed to the cold you can opt for wool pants.

Shoes for your sport-elegant outfit:

As for footwear, from good to first, we are telling you that the shoes are not suitable for this style. Our recommendation is that you make sure with a pair of shoes, whether, with pins or not. It depends on the rest of your outfit and how you combine them. Usually, brown shoes are a safe bet, but loafers offer quite interesting color options that you could experiment with.

External garment, the balance between elegance and casual:

Covering your shirt, it is usual to wear a jacket that gives that touch of elegance that your outfit needs. In this case, a sports jacket or a blazer can be your best companions to complete your style and is definitely the first option that we recommend. You can also use a thick or thin cardigan jacket depending on the season. Dress jackets such as coats or leather jackets can also be used, depending on the event you attend. Finally, if you are exposed to a situation of extreme heat and feel that you will not support an external garment. You can do without this, just make sure that your shirt is properly ironed and as an additional tip. We suggest that you collect the sleeves to keep you even cooler and add more style to your set.

Accessories, the concluding touch to your “elegant sport” style:

Finally, if you are going to be outdoors you can wear dark sunglasses of classic models such as wayfarers or aviator, which can add an interesting touch of style to your look. Just try to avoid sports glasses and make sure you wear the right lenses for the shape of your face.

Watches are also an excellent option when adding style to your outfit. But try not to be excessively bulky or flashy, such as a simple watch with a leather strap, preferably combined with the strap. A good wallet, even if it is not seen all the time. It can have a great impact on your style so some models with closure and natural leather may be appropriate. Remember also that since this is a more casual style, it is not necessary to wear a tie.

With these tips, we hope you can easily assemble your elegant sports outfit. Remember that you can always experience new combinations until you achieve your own style and personality. Luck!

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