It’s true, in Finland it’s cold in winter. But that is no reason to stay at home. You just have to prepare well and make the most of the fresh and white season that snow brings us.

Depending on the location, winters in Finland last four to six months between November and April. Temperatures range from zero to -35 degrees. We cannot argue that below 30 degrees are not cold, but to enjoy the Finnish winter it is about dressing appropriately, and dressing well means using several layers.

Many are surprised by the fact that at -20 degrees they don’t feel as cold as they had imagined. This is because the air is very fresh and dry. With the right clothes, the winter season is simply pleasant.

Still not convinced? Well, the fact is that there is no real winter without snow and there is no snow without freezing temperatures. And winter has to do with fun activities in the snow. Get ready to go out now!


    1. Start by wearing thermal underwear and warm socks.
    2. If it’s very cold, -20 degrees or less, use an additional layer of wool that covers from the neck to the ankles. Another pair of socks, preferably wool or thermal, will keep your feet warm.
    3. Wear pants with thermal lining. To cover the body well, place the inner lining of the pants inside the winter boots and the outer part of the pants is above the boots. Do not underestimate the importance of the scarf or any garment that covers the neck.
    4. You are almost there! Put on a winter jacket, a warm hat, and thermal gloves. Don’t forget to cover the sleeves with the gloves and close the jacket zipper up.
  • You are already. Ready to go!

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