Whatever your destination, you should consider this process before arriving where you are going: go to the airport and wait for your flight to depart, make connections in other cities and the time you spend sitting on the plane. But this can be easy depending on the clothes you wear.

The main recommendations are to wear appropriate clothes: do not dress very elegant, with dresses or high shoes, nor with shorts and short blouses, choose garments that allow you to move easily. Here I tell you how an ideal outfit should be for traveling:


Usually, the temperature in the airplanes fluctuates, so the pants cover you, give you freedom of movement and comfort when sitting for several hours. If you opt for a skirt or dress, notice that it went away to prevent your legs from being in contact with the seat of the plane, where hundreds of people have been sitting beside you.

Simple Blouse:

It is always better to wear a garment that is not very exposed, mainly because of the cold it can give you. It should also be comfortable. I recommend the neck and long sleeve blouses, for how easy they are to combine and the result of a casual look.

Jacket or Sweater:

Regardless of the climate of the city you travel to, it will always be a good idea to carry a jacket in your hand to warm you in case the temperatures drop. The easiest thing is to keep it when you land in your suitcase if you don’t need it anymore.

Close Shoes:

Low shoes, ballerinas, booties, slippers, or the most comfortable footwear. But always avoid sandals: uncomfortable to walk long distances and do not cover enough feet.

Big Bag:

You probably carry magazines, water, cell phones, headphones, maybe your tablet. For the same reason, it is much better to carry a bag where you fit all that and more. You can also opt for a backpack or cross bag if you feel very uncomfortable with a wallet. The essential thing is practicality.

Essential Accessories:

How about a pashmina or scarf? It will cover you enough during the flight and add style to your look. Also, take some socks with you in case you get colder on your feet or decide to take off your shoes to get some sleep. Maybe a headband to hold your hair and sunglasses for when you arrive at your destination.

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