How to make a bridal makeup

The wedding day is destined to be one of the most important in the life of its protagonists, and all the details must be perfect for the occasion. The makeup and hairstyle of the bride are two of the aspects that are most cared for. Do you want to know how to make a bridal makeup? Keep reading and discover the keys to achieve a spectacular one.

There is no doubt that the bride is the main protagonist at the wedding. Your dress, your hairstyle, your makeup, your shoes … your overall look will be the most anticipated before it appears, and the most commented after.

Steps to make a bridal makeup


1. Hydration:

The first thing the bride has to do is wash her face and hydrate very well. It is advisable to use the usual cream so as not to risk with a new product that can cause any reaction.

2. Pre base:

Bridal makeup is started by applying a pre base, which will make the base last longer.

3. Base:

Now apply the base, which must be exactly the same skin color. It is recommended that it does not contain SPF, which is sunscreen, so camera flashes will not reflect on the skin.

4. Corrector: 

The next thing you should use once the base is applied is the concealer. Retouch any imperfection, in this case, with a lighter shade than the base and the skin, so it will not be noticed. Apply it in the area of ​​dark circles to cover and also to illuminate.

5. Powders:

Use a tassel to seal the bridal makeup well, it will be better fixed and will give the face a spectacular natural volume. Apply especially on the temple, the jawline, and under the cheekbones. In the cheekbones, it uses a pink tone to simulate the natural redness of the face slightly.

6. Illuminator:

You can give the face an elegant and striking final touch by applying an illuminator that has a soft and very controlled shine. Use it above the cheekbones, on the bridge of the nose, above the beginning of the eyebrows, in the cupid arch (on the upper part of the lips), and the arch of the eyebrows.

7. Eyes:

Now that the face is finished, we turn to the eyes, which deserve to have a significant role in highlighting the look of the bride. Use a short and light eyeliner, ideally, with a width higher than usual to give it a 50s style. Before the eyeliner, apply a layer of golden shadow that has a glossy finish. In the area of ​​the tear, apply illuminator.

8. Eyelashes:

Following the look, use mascara on both the lower and upper, preferably water-resistant. You can use false eyelashes if you consider it necessary.

9. Lips:

The lips will give the final touch to the bridal makeup, and to make them up depends a lot on what type they are. One thing is clear; the bride will give many people many kisses that day, so she must be able to touch her lips frequently always to have them perfect. A natural color that is easy to touch up is recommended. The gloss will give a flawless finish.

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