How to make nice makeup in five minutes?

 Layers of makeup can easily make one feel over-made for everyday use. In addition, not many people have time to put on makeup in the morning before rushing to work. A thick foundation dries out the skin, and at the end of the day, it cracks open and can flake off in several places, thus creating irregularities in the skin tone. The skin needs time to wake up to life in the morning, and therefore a thick makeup can make you look more tired a little longer because the skin is not allowed to breathe. We, therefore, suggest a light everyday makeup for a fresher afternoon.

If you are short of time but can spare 5 minutes to spruce up, we recommend these five quick steps to light and stylish everyday makeup that should not take more than 5 minutes of your time.

 1. Smooth the skin

Use a light concealer or powder foundation to cover irregularities in the skin.

These can be quickly swept over the skin to get an even tone that does not crack or dry out during the day.

2. Mark the eyebrows.

Believe it or not, the eyebrows not only frame the eyes, if you mark them extra much, but it also lifts a tired face.

Paint your eyebrows with a brown eyeshadow if you need a darker color. If you have a dark color, you can make them clearer by brushing them out with transparent mascara.

3. Use noodle lipstick.

During the autumn and winter, the lips’ natural color can weaken as they dry out more quickly.

Use nude-colored lipstick to give a light but natural tone to the lips.

If you dare a little more, a Coffee latte color is nice for autumn. The darker skin tone you have

The darker tone on your lips you can test.

4. Use only a little mascara

Use only a little mascara to mark the tops on bleached eyelashes. So paint a quick turn on your

top lashes. In this way, you highlight the shape of the eye, enlarge it, but maintain a more natural look without looking too made-up.

5. Finish with a light sun powder

If you feel a little pale, you can lighten the cheekbones, temple, and jawline with a sun powder to create shadows and a slightly warmer tone.

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