How to paint the children’s bedroom? Colors and ideas

Do you plan to redecorate the room of your children and teenagers? In addition to changing the furniture, you will have to think about other important aspects such as the color of the walls. Today we want to give you the ideas to paint a youth bedroom and get the best result. Keep reading and take notes.

Your children are no longer those young children who were recent. Suddenly, one day you realize that they have grown a lot and have become youngsters who are no longer interested in many of the things they liked before. The time has come to give a new look to your room and for that, you will have to look for some ideas on how to decorate and paint a youth bedroom.

On the other hand, they may need you to change their furniture. That you replace your small desk with a study table appropriate to your size, that you change the chair that has already become too small for you, and that you remove the comforter from Peppa Pig or Cars to put bedding more in line with your age.

All that will come later, because the first thing you should think about when redecorating a space is how to choose the color of the walls.

The best colors to paint a child’s bedroom

There is no established rule when choosing colors for a given space, beyond those dictated by the logic itself.

However, and although our tastes rule (and partly also those of the young man or girl who owns the room), we do have to pay attention to certain aspects related to the characteristics of the space that do determine which colors are more suitable in each bedroom.

For example, if the room is very small, it is not advisable to paint the walls of dark colors that will minimize visual patterns. Better to opt for light and bright colors that reflect the light and make the room look bigger.

Leaving pastel colors aside (let’s leave them for baby rooms and younger children), the best ideas for painting a youth bedroom are to choose intense but well-combined colors. It is not that the room looks like a kindergarten, with all the colors of the rainbow spread everywhere, but to choose two tones and combine them with success and moderation.

If one of them is very intense, combine it with a neutral tone that dampens it. White is always a good option because it looks great with any other color. What do you want the walls of a vivid turquoise? Paint this color only one and leave the others blank. You can extend this idea to orange, fuchsia pink or yellow.

Do not spoil colors

The key to painting a youth bedroom and achieving freshness, dynamism, and moderation at the same time is to choose a few colors. One or at most two will suffice for the walls. And you can combine them with a third color for accessories.

You can paint the walls in two soft and neutral colors that, without being white, provide serenity and do not lose the spark that is required in this type of space. What do you think of a bluish-gray and rose quartz, one of the colors of 2016 according to Pantone?

As for the ceilings I always bet on white, although they are tall and the room is spacious If it is, it will seem even more so and if it is small the white roofs will give it more height and visual amplitude.

Paint effects

When painting a children’s bedroom there are many great ideas that can be put into practice. Why not paint the walls with a gradient of color? What if you draw horizontal and vertical lines and stripes?

A great idea is to use slate paint to paint the headboard wall, as you can see in this image. So you can write with chalk what you want and change the message when you feel like it. Slate paint is very easy to apply and puts a very original note in any space where it is used.

Bedroom for a girl, bedroom for boy

It is true that, first of all, there is no reason to differentiate the decoration of a girl’s bedroom from a boy’s bedroom. However, in practice, both environments differ on their own without having to do anything to achieve it, since the interests and tastes of teenagers do not usually coincide with their peers.

It has no more important than what we want to give it. Now, it is best to let both boys and girls decide what colors they want to decorate their bedroom. Some girls will choose pink and many not. Some boys will want vivid and intense colors like red or orange and others will prefer grays.

The important thing is to get them to find their own space there. Decorate your bedroom with the things and colors that they like best. Do it and surely they will thank you.

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