How to wear a light sweater with your outfit? 

light sweater is a basic garment that allows you to add versatility to your wardrobe without so much complication.

Depending on the patterns and textures that the piece has (pictures, rhombuses, dots, stripes, intersecting) or if it lacks them because it is of a smooth tone. It is a garment that allows you to walk on both sides of the spectrum and combine your outfit with less or more formality.

If you are one of those who open the closet and put the first thing available, have several sweaters on hand, and that fit perfectly to your body, will be your preferred decision from now on.

Among its greatest advantages are that they allow you to break the monotony of wearing dress shirts and office pants. However, there are certain codes that you must handle before falling into the temptation to buy any of these pieces in some seasonal sales.

Wear lightweight sweater by collar type

There are so many brands of sweaters on the market that you probably end up being carried away by their functionality or color, but have you noticed the type of neck and whether it suits you or not?

There are 6 types of the neck in light sweaters:

  • Round neck. 

You can wear it over a shirt or wear it alone. It is the plus of any occasion in which you need to dress casually. To add formality, wear a jacket or blazer over it and wear dress pants. If you are somewhat overweight, your face is very round, jowl, or prominent abdomen, this type of neck does not suit you unless the neck is wide.


  • With ‘V’ neck. 

Combining the sweater with a triangular neck is your best option to look slimmer and more stylized. You can wear it with shirts printed underneath (with or without a tie). Or with a blazer up to look formal in the office or in some event. For a casual or sporty outfit, move your scale and combine the ‘V’ sweater with jeans or shorts, an undershirt, and shoes without socks.


  • Sweater with buttons down. 

The cardigan is basic and looks great at any age. Accompany dress shirts on formal dates or on a shirt for a relaxed outfit. The distinctive touch is to leave the last button unbuttoned so that it becomes looser every time you sit and get up. It goes well with different textures.


  • Long neck. 

It is characterized by the neck that rises. You can wear buttons, zippers, straps or turtlenecks. If you raise it to the chin, you will achieve a more stylized appearance. If you leave it open to show the garment you are wearing, turn up the sleeves and you will look casual, relaxed, with an intellectual and romantic air.


  • Polo neck. 

It is characterized by the neck similar to the shirts that give them the name. It usually brings two or three buttons from the neck. Avoid wearing on formal occasions since its objective is to make you look sporty, with an intellectual and creative air.


  • Boat neck: 

It is not one of the most common you will get. The cut goes from shoulder to shoulder and looks very innovative and different. You can accompany it with a light scarf if the weather permits.

By textures: plain or printed

For formal or casual occasions, you can combine the light sweater by following these tips:

  • Formal occasion. 

He wears a navy blue or plain gray Oxford suit, without designs or patterns that stand out or thick fabrics, and combines with a light, thin and plain sweater, in a neutral color. He wears a plain white shirt and a tie without drawings.


  • Casual occasion. 

To look more creative and relaxed, wear your light sweaters with patterns and rhombus patterns, dots, lines, stripes, with squares. Combine with jeans and white or neutral shirts.

If you wear plain colors, try the sweaters in orange, plum, green, and the whole range of blues for a more contemporary outfit.

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