Ideas and tips to decorate a small living room

Small rooms are a very common problem in departments and some houses. In case our house has a small living room. We must take this advice seriously to decorate it so that the area is functional, comfortable and you know how to take advantage of a small room.

Tips for decorating a small living room

1.- Organize the Dining Room:

When you have in the same room the living room and the dining area. We must choose to have furniture of the same style so that it gives continuity and lightness to space. To visually divide the two zones, you can use two carpets, or put an open and low piece of furniture, which also serves as a bookshelf.

2.- Distribute the furniture according to space: 

Generally, a small living room requires only a sofa with two parts, one or two chairs, a carpet, and a table, etc. Another choice is to use a modular sofa towards a wall and place the entertainment center in front, with a coffee table in the middle that will be the focal point of the small room.

If the room is rectangular, it is simple to take the benefit of the space; on one side, the living room is installed with the TV cabinet in front of the furniture, and on the other end, it will be the dining room. Place an elongated table with chairs or benches.

If the room is square, for the dining room, it is better to choose a round-shaped table, and install the main sofa online, which will go right through the window. If the room is L-shaped, uses an elongated table, and places the dining area a little close to the door, the sofas must be placed in the square space in the room.

3.- Simple furniture:

 For a small living room, it is better to choose furniture with simple and minimalist lines. The sofas have to be modular so that it can be organized according to the needs you have. The sidewalks and puffs take up little space and also serve as auxiliary chairs. It is also essential to distribute the furniture on the walls of the room to give a feeling of spaciousness to space, and having the center free for walking.

4.- Custom furniture: 

Buying or having custom furniture made is the best way to take advantage of a small room. If your furniture reaches the ceiling, you have to choose it in white. If you want dark furniture for your living room, that has glass doors so that space does not darken.

5.- Choose functional furniture: 

You can choose for a coffee table that stands and serves as a dining room, too, or that carries drawers or a space to store things, extendable dining tables, sofa beds, poufs that hide a trunk, etc.

6.- Decorate with light colors: 

An excellent way to decorate your small room is to include light colors on the walls because they are the ones that give more light to space; with this, we deceive the eye and perceive a wider environment than is. Bet on the white, gray, beige, or cream tones. They are good options that you can use to combine with your furniture and accessories set.

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