If you want to wear a suit-salwar, then these five tips told by experts will help you

The effect of fast track fashion is also visible on the suit-salwar, but sometimes when you want to look absolutely Punjabi, these tips will help you…

The meaning of fashion is now comforted, so keep traditional clothes for all special occasions. But these cannot always be avoided and sometimes when you feel like wearing specials; you miss this dressage.

By the way, Punjabi suits and salwar are very much liked in the name of Khas, and they fit on every figure size. In this, your curves will also look good. So ladies with a heavy body can look slim by choosing the right fabric. At the same time, very thin girls look full in this dress.

Know five tips to carry them, which we have collected especially for you from fashion experts-

1. Long kurtas do not look good

With Punjabi or say Patiala salwar if the kurta is not too long. For this, keep the length of the kurtas above the knees.

2. Choose the right fabric

If your figure is good, then choose heavy fabric for the suit-salwar. If the weight is a little more, then it is better to choose the light fabric. But fabrics like net or tissue are not for you. If you are very slick, do not sew the suit in cotton and chiffon.

3. How should the color be?

Well, Punjabi suits look good in every color. If you want to look slim, then choose dark colors like maroon, blue. In case your figure is good and the color is also clear, then shades of peach, pink, soft blue, orange will take a lot of stress on you. If your color is dark, then do not take suit-salwar in too much dark shade.

4. Sleeves also enhance the look

Of any length sleeves, you can wear with a Punjabi suit, but see what suits your body type. For example, if your arms are heavy, avoid wearing sleeveless. If you are thin, then you can try many kinds of designs.

5. How should be the style of the neck, how can the neck

Pattern be kept, and it depends on how your neck is. For example, if the neck is long, you will wear both a deep neck and a collared shirt. But do not wear a collared shirt if the neck is short.

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