Lipstick: choice and advice

The main item in the kit for all makeup fans, lipstick is a must, yet sometimes difficult to master. Between its different textures, its colors or the different ways of applying it, it is not easy to navigate. To help you on your way to the perfect lipstick, here are a few tips.

The base: a good base

Our lips, our eyes, our skin … these are the elements that we care about the most every day. So it is always important to do things well. In terms of lipstick, it is best to use bases for:

  • better hold of the lipstick
  • lips less prone to dryness
  • bridging faults (fine lines)
  • add effects (matt, shiny …) to your lipstick

The most important being the makeup. Of course, you will eat, talk and kiss during the day: your lipstick may, therefore, come off. But with a base, you will be more likely to keep it for a long time. It would be an embarrassment to have to do touch-ups every hour instead of enjoying life.

To be mat or not mat?

Choosing between mat or gloss for lipstick is always a bit complicated. Some colors make it better in one texture than the other. But in reality, there are mostly textures that go better on certain types of mouth than others. A fleshy mouth will often be better highlighted by a beautiful matte lipstick than a very thin mouth which will tend to be hardened and severe. A little shine on thin lips can make them more visible. But be careful to choose its color correctly for a perfect effect.

Pencil, brush and other accessories

Choosing your lipstick type is not just a matter of texture. Certain types of lipstick (sticks, lip ink …) appear to have different types of properties and advantages:

  • Lipstick “stick”: it is the most common but not necessarily the best for your lips. Its advantage: it is easy to move, dries quickly and is applied as easily as it is removed. Only it can be removed as soon as you eat.
  • Lip ink: applicable as a brush or as a gloss, it lasts longer because the color “permeates” on the lips. It is complicated to remove makeup.
  • Gloss: for a long time very fashionable, today it is often replaced by stick lipstick with a shiny topcoat (stick that goes over the lipstick). Its shiny and wet effect is the main key to its success.
  • Colored balm: although it is not the most coloring, it is easy to find organic ones, not excessively expensive and which will hydrate your lips longer and deeper than the others.
  • Lip pencil: normally used with lipstick because it only allows making the outline of the lips, the pencil generally holds longer and allows to define nicely the shape of the mouth.

Color Selection

The selection of color is as important as the type of lipstick itself. For blondes, it is generally advisable to wear either red, pink, peach or salmon colors. Redheads can afford warm tones (plums, orange or brown) and it is advisable for them to avoid excessively bright reds. For brunettes, or women with a mat complexion, there is no real limit, but warm or very intense colors are easier for them to wear. Dark colors will also go great on luscious lips.

For middle-aged women, it is in principle advisable to opt for colors that are too dark or too conspicuous, in purplish tones. As well as shiny and oily reds are to be avoided because they tend to mark fine lines around the mouth.

If you have yellow teeth, avoid pink, orange and brown. Prefer colors tending towards blue: purple, red but intense (especially not coral).

But of course, the freedom remains yours to choose one color over another, you just have to know how to assume it and match it with more or less intense makeup. A beautiful blood lipstick will be more pleased with not too forced eyes for example.

Some Warnings 

Lipstick is a type of makeup loved by many women, but it can have unwanted effects. Whatever type, color or texture you choose, take the time to observe its composition, make sure that they do not contain substances such as paraffin or ozokerite (petroleum derivatives), which are bad for your health and can even damage your lips in the long run. Also be careful not to put more than measure, at the risk of swallowing it without paying attention – which is already happening without you realizing it – because there are not only good things in there.

But of course, the most important thing is that you feel good about your makeup. Choose what appeals to you and makes you feel beautiful.

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