Makeup guide: How to do your contouring step by step?

The makeup concept is based on creating illusions with shadows to emphasize (enlarge) or reduce areas on the face. But how do you do contouring? With the help of shades and highlighters, you can shape your face, make it look slimmer, or highlight your natural features. The trick is quite simple, but it is important to be careful with the shades’ placement.

A golden rule is to use shadow, i.e., the darker tone in areas you want to reduce (reduce) and highlight in areas you want to emphasize or enlarge. Dark tones diminish, and light magnifies. You have to keep in mind that everyone has different face shapes and areas you want to emphasize. In case you are unsure of what you want to emphasize, you can easily play to what you enjoy using this shadow technique.

Step 1.

Start by moisturizing the face.

Step 2.

Use a concealer to hide dark areas on the face. Orange neutralizes blue tones; these are often found under the eyes. Yellow concealer neutralizes red areas; an example of these are superficial blood vessels. Beige is used to lighten the other colors and be used as a base on the eyelids.

Step 3.

Apply your foundation evenly over the face and not too thick. 

Step 4.

Start with the dark shade in your contour kit to create shade. Apply a line just below the jawbones, along the jawline, and at the temple. If you want to emphasize the nose, you can use the dark color to shade the nose’s sides seen from the front.

Step 5.

Use light color to highlight the cheekbones, from the eye down to the shadow you created on the underside of the jawbone. Also, use the light highlighter from the middle of the forehead, down to the nasal bone, and down to the tip. You also use the highlighter on the chin and under the eyes.

Step 6.

If you want to emphasize the contour of the mouth, you can also use the shadow technique around the mouth and the cupid’s bow.

Step 7.

To lock in your contours and foundation, use a colorless loose powder. Apply generously all over the face.

Step 8.

Finish with a light sunscreen to give yourself some color. Start by brushing upwards on the cheekbone, along with the temple, the jawline, and then finish lightly over the rest of the face.

Do not forget to apply a little on the neck so that the difference between face and neck does not become too sharp.

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