Modern kitchens: a functional and very comfortable space

Today the kitchen is considered one of the most critical areas in the home, so it is essential not to lose sight of its main objective is to be functional. So before starting to design a kitchen should be considered practical, have good spaces and enough place to circulate without inconvenience through it.

Modern kitchens have been a trend in recent years, with many alternatives in terms of style and furniture models to choose from, with a contemporary touch but adapting to all decorative spaces.

How to choose kitchen furniture?

A few years ago, when you bought a house, the kitchen came with all the furniture, with many doors and drawers to store, you only needed to buy the appliances. Now things have changed; the most common is that the kitchen comes empty. In this way, it becomes a great opportunity to furnish it to the person’s taste.

In the market, there is a wide variety of kitchen furniture to choose from, modern and of excellent quality. 

The first thing is to know the available space where the kitchen will be located to be able to design. According to this, since currently, the designers are based on a few doors at the top and more drawers at the bottom. But with better options for the order of all utensils and items that need to be stored.

Then it is to think about the budget and the economic possibilities since this is usually a terrible headache. The advisable thing is to realize a maximum and minimum budget available for the kitchen so that when arriving at the store. The advisor will know what to offer according to the availability of money, although there are stores that offer to finance.

Main characteristics of modern kitchens

One of the main characteristics of these kitchens is that they are integrated kitchens. Before the kitchens were only for cooking, then progressively elements like islands were added, where several people can meet to talk.

This place has become a multifunctional space, in which you can perform several activities at once. From cooking to checking emails while drinking coffee, helping children with their homework, while cooking and where you can even have an extra place to work.

In modern kitchens, the order prevails, which could be said to be part of the decoration. That is why it is common to find large and deep drawers so that space is used efficiently. Also, the tendency to store is indoors that rise at the top.

The materials used in Nolte Kitchens have been transforming at the same time that technology has been evolving. Thus, every year, innovation sets the trend, especially in materials to be used, with combinations ranging from marble, glass, concrete, ceramics, concrete, stone, metal, and wood.

The trend of modern kitchens in 2019

Some of the main trends in decoration are described below:

  • Materials: are the tiles that are used both on the walls and on floors, ideal for giving life to the kitchen through prints. You can see tiles that mimic wood and marble veins. Also, another of the trends in wood and concrete, also used for wall coverings, countertops, and floors.
  • Appliances: matt black is the color that is a trend in this type of appliances. They have been observed from refrigerators to dishwashers of this color. Small appliances have become favorites because of the ease of hiding them and thus maintaining order.
  • Kitchen furniture: storage shelves integrated to the wall predominate, they even reach the ceiling to make maximum use of the storage space and prevent the accumulation of dust. Most of the cabinets are made of glass with open spaces but maintaining order.
  • Lighting: in modern decoration, it is essential to create a sense of space, and this is achieved through lighting with lights that may be hidden in the ceiling.

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