Most popular women’s shoes recommended brand ranking 2020! 

When giving shoes to women, choosing a brand is very important. This time, we will introduce women’s brand shoes that are popular with women in the ranking format of “2020 latest version”. There are plenty of high-end shoes and easy-to-wear shoes, such as Minnetonka and Dr. Martens. We will also explain the reasons and features of popularity, and how to choose, so please refer to it when choosing a gift.

Fashionable ladies shoes popular & recommended brand ranking TOP 6

It turns out that fashionable brand women’s shoes are gaining popularity among women due to their different appeal. From here, we will introduce the items of each brand in detail.

There are a wide variety of shoe brands such as UGG and TOM’S. We will also explain to whom we recommend giving each brand, so find a gem that will please your dear woman and give it to you.


This brand was founded in Germany in 1947 and is now a shoe brand headquartered in the United Kingdom. Initially, work boots with excellent durability became a hot topic, and designs that can be enjoyed as fashion became popular.

Against this background, unisex and stylish short-length work boots are popular among ladies. Other than that, we have shoes with leopard print and rainbow color, and shoes with red booties that are eye-catching.

Many Dr. Martens shoes have a simple design, but there are also many unique items. Therefore, we can give you new shoes that are perfect for women who like exciting fashion.


Ugg is an American brand founded by an Australian man in 1978. He used wool boots as a measure against the cold, and his existence became widespread.

Moccasin shoes and boots using mouton are items that attract attention as they are warm in Japan. A wide variety of fashionable rain boots are also useful on rainy days, and a soft insole fits comfortably.

Ugg is also a famous shoe brand for women of all ages. All of the women’s shoes have a calm color and elegant design so that you can give them to adult women with confidence, and they are suitable as gifts for autumn and winter.


Regal is a shoe brand established in 1902 in Chiba, Japan. High-quality shoes created through a technical tie-up with Braun of the United States have been evaluated across age and gender boundaries.

Business shoes with a chic atmosphere are also useful for ceremonial occasions. Besides, “Kilty Unbeaten Moccasins,” which make you feel happy with bright blue and yellow, are attracting attention as being soft and comfortable to wear.

Regal has a wide range of high-quality women’s shoes that can be used in various situations, from casual to formal. It is a brand that is often selected by certain women, so it is also suitable for birthday gifts for adult girlfriends and wives.


Vans is a shoe brand founded in the United States in 1966. As skaters have well received high-performance shoes, they have gradually come to be used not only for sports but also for the general public.

And in Vans, gorgeous ladies’ shoes such as low sneakers and sunflower-patterned slip-ones are also popular. The striped lining is also playful, and ingenuity that captures the hearts of women is scattered everywhere.

Unisex canvas sneakers are a simple and fashionable gem. If you give it as a gift to your best friend, girlfriend, or wife in different colors, you can enjoy matching naturally, and it will be handy in the outdoor scene.


Known as a luxury leather shoe brand is Madras, which was founded in Aichi Prefecture in 1921. After being founded in Italy, the rights were transferred to Japanese Asian shoes, and the Western sense and the delicacy unique to Japan are utilized in the products.

Among them, the ankle strap pumps are a fashionable gem with a simple and elegant atmosphere. Besides, the open toe pumps with buckles that give off a strong presence also emphasize adult women’s attractiveness.

Famous for its luxury shoes, Madras has a large selection of women’s shoes that suit sophisticated adult women. If you give it to a woman in her late 20s or later, you can enjoy the elegant beauty.


Minnetonka is an American shoe brand founded in 1946. A variety of footwear is loved by many, especially when it comes to women’s shoes; handmade moccasin shoes are gaining in popularity.

Besides the standard black and brown, there are plenty of cute colors such as intelligent navy and elegant gray. And the vivid red, aqua blue, and pink make a big difference from the surroundings due to their outstanding individuality.

Minnetonka is a famous shoe brand with overseas celebrities and women working in the fashion industry and is perfect for trend-conscious women. Let’s support your busy life by giving gifts to women who are doing their best in fashion, work, housework, and childcare.

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