Parka jacket for cold climates

The jackets are of the most historical garments, and from their origin, they became an essential piece for men and women and of great importance in the wardrobe of the general public. The jackets are an inevitable garment in winter, and they use them but not only to warm and protect themselves from the cold. But they have already taken everyone’s wardrobe for its great variety in designs, styles, materiality as well as colors.

The original design of the jackets are for the male audience, and they are characterized by being straight and crossed, but in their female adaptation. It acquires more similarity of a coat type dress, adjusted to the waist, and a long skirt. The front part is usually left open to show the garment that is worn underneath. Currently, there are many variations of jackets from its original design, from fabrics to models that give the public the option to choose the one that suits me.


Parka jackets usually have very varied designs and models with different colors, being one of the waterproof and breathable jackets with the greatest popularity and variety in the market. Currently, we are going through one of those seasons in which the parka jacket enjoys great popularity. So it is possible that it is among your main candidates to keep you warm this winter, but what characteristics should a good parka have? That’s why we mention some as they are:

1. Colors:

This type of clothing ideal for the cold, they have a variety of colors, both neutral and printed, but the most recommended are dark colors with details of different colors, they are the most used and most sought after by men and women.

2. Breathability:

Parka jackets thanks to their great progress over time, must have the ability to expel the humidity inside, caused mainly by sweat, keeping us dry to perform all the outdoor activities we want.

3. Fabric that composes it:

In previous decades the parkas were designed in natural leather of the caribou type or of artificial leather. But, in the current era, this type of jackets are designed in slightly more sophisticated materials that are a type of material that focuses on providing the user with breathability, comfort, elasticity, lightness. Since they are fabrics composed of special membranes that combine all the aforementioned characteristics in the same fabric.

4. Hood or hat:

A parka would not be one, without its characteristic hood. This part of the jacket can have sheep or hair, as well as it can be removed.

5. Padding:

The Eskimos were responsible for designing these coats to protect from low temperatures. So they were made of thick padding that did not allow icy winds to penetrate the skin of the same. Currently, they offer the same protection as in previous times, although their fabric is finer. A good parka should be padded, but at the same time, it should be light.

6. Double closure:

When choosing a parka, we must also pay attention to the closure system or zippers. A double offer more alternatives to the user. In addition to protecting us more effectively against the cold, which is the objective of this garment.

7. Size:

The most advisable in these cases is to look for a size that suits the body or a little larger to provide freedom of movement.